O'ahu, Hawaii with Elsie

A good friend recently traveled to Hawaii twice in the past few months, so we knew we had to interview her immediately! While her travel brain was fresh (as she just returned home to New York yesterday) we asked her about her time on the island of O’ahu; craving, of course, some information on all of the adventurous activities and places she experienced while there. Elsie was able to share tons of quality details about her trips that would make any thrill-seeker have an exhilarating time in Hawaii. Here is a little sneak peak of our interview with her!

Skydive Hawaii Mokuleia

What was the most adventurous activity that you did?

Elsie: Skydiving!!! It’s a crazy feeling jumping 12,000 feet to Earth from a perfectly functioning airplane. It’s an indescribable feeling and I suggest that if you haven’t done it before, that you do. For those short five minutes nothing else seems to matter. It feels like you can do anything and everything. Seeing the world around you from that altitude makes all of the minor problems in life feel irrelevant. This moment proved to me that all I need is to be happy with people who truly care for me. It also taught me that sometimes you should just trust your instincts and plunge into the unknown… otherwise you’re halting your life from truly happening.

Sacred Falls State Park

Elsie’s full interview will be available in Roadie Zine: Issue 2. For now, thanks again to everyone that pre-ordered and is supporting the publication of Issue 1. Happy travels!

- Taylor

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Noah, “The North Shore Photographer on a Spiritual Journey”
1/12/15, Mokuleia Beach

Noah is a sweetheart! I am so blessed to have been able to meet this amazing person with such a beautiful soul! I’m sure we both weren’t quite sure what to expect setting up this meeting but it turned out to be such a cruise day hanging out with Noah and a perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon hanging out on the North Shore.

I met up with Noah just about noon inside of Long’s next to Luibueno’s in Haleiwa town. We had both parked in the parking lot behind the restaurant, my green Honda CRV and his insta-famous faded blue Volvo. Noah was just getting some film developed in the photo department off his old school Canon film camera. He said it costs like $5 to have them put his images on a CD. He doesn’t really get his pictures printed, keeping them in a digital format for transportation purposes.

Noah just bought his faded light blue Volvo about six months ago and has been cruising around the North Shore with it shooting film and photographs of surfers, skaters, beach and mountain scenes all day long. He’s got a surfboard, some clothes, and a sleeping cushion in the back, but pretty much keeps his belongings to a minimum. There’s a feather wrapped around his rear view mirror some girl left. When he’s not staying over at friend’s homes along the North Shore or in town, he stays in his Volvo. Keeping it real rootsy, as Noah would say. That night after I met him he had gone to do some business in Kailua and crashed in his Volvo at his favorite jungle spot in Manoa. 

Noah’s a professional photographer, whatever that means as he says. He’s originally from Oklahoma, but moved out to Hawai’i after high school. He was pursuing his education as a pilot and got as far and getting certified to fly a private plane, but decided that he wanted to come here and go to HCC to study photography. He ended up not continuing with community college for long the more he got into doing his own thing with photography. He’s a talented and well connected freelance photographer, always working on a project, keeping his life simple and letting life events unfold naturally.

So Noah and I followed each other on Instagram before meeting. He uses social media mostly to promote himself as a freelance photographer and keep in touch with people. He does happen to meet a lot of people living his free spirited lifestyle. He runs into famous surfers all the time, photographs beach babe models from all over the world, and is in company with some of them on an acquaintance basis. His Instagram account name is noahofthesea. He is currently working with his buddy Koa on a lifestyle brand, Ocean Therapy Collective, which simply promotes collaborations that support and believe in the healing powers of the ocean. Ocean Therapy Collective strives to keep their mission the focus of their brand, it’s not about selling merchandise for them. Noah’s heading their instragram page, oceantherapycollective, and is working on increasing their followers to 1.5K by the end of the month. Noah says he feels real blessed that people will give him a lot of money to work on projects that he feels invested in. Surf, skate, shoot, read the Bible, keep it simple and take care of your relationships to reflect God: this is Noah. It’s a different lifestyle living in your car. When you have a home you work hard to keep it and appreciate being in it when you are because you work so much. When you live in your car, you don’t have that stress of paying rent, there’s less maintenance involved. Noah mostly eats out since he doesn’t have the means to cook. A part of his catch of being a photographer is his living in his car, so he’s also going to start working on a kickstarter called My Volvo Adventures (also on instagram as #myvolvoadventures), documenting his cruise life and secret spots he’ll venture along the North Shore. 

After finishing up in Long’s, we stopped to grab some lunch at Beet Box Cafe Haleiwa, and took his Volvo out to Mokuleia beach to eat on the sand and watch the waves. I haven’t explored too much of Waialua side, and have never been to this beach. Further up there is a hike to a bird sanctuary and hike further into Kaena Point. 

"If I try to go surf will you help me if I hit the reef?"

There was no one surfing the break there. Noah contemplated going out but decided against it, not knowing where the reef is. I also didn’t know how to drive stick shift if I had to drive his car. So we just cruised, ate, smoked a little, and contemplated life watching the ocean waves. It was a sunny, beautiful day and hardly anyone was out there with us. After we decided to head back to Haleiwa to grab some tea and pastries. Noah ran into that beautiful girl on the beach he was talking to me about earlier. It was getting close to evening and Noah had to go make some runs in Kailua and Hawaii Kai so we parted ways that day and decided to hang out again the next week. I went up to meet him the following week and he gave me an Ocean Therapy Collective shirt and we cruised out to the West Side, Tracks surf spot. It was super hot day, so I stayed in his volvo for shade and snapped pictures of Noah and his friends surfing that spot. We also met a lady and her kids who live in a caravan and chatted with her about her life traveling with her husband saving money by living in a van. It was a good day too.

Thank you Noah, it was great meeting you and I enjoy cruising around in your Volvo and snapping pictures and going along for the ride on your spiritual journey. We are both busy people trying to go with life’s flow. When we are both not busy, let’s cruise again and keep it real rootsy.

I don’t find it very hard to meet people. Just the other day I met a beautiful girl on the beach. I just do my own thing. I’ve been kind of on a spiritual journey. Just try to keep everything good vibes. I have friends that have a darker form of art, but I’m not into that. It’s all in how you see life I guess.”

"My relationships with people reflect on my relationship with God."


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What’s dirtier? Toss up! Ride started wet, skies stayed gray, 33.4 North Shore miles with my Boca Hawaii teammates. And I didn’t get dropped! (at Mokuleia Beach Park)