Here are the questions I have received so far for my upcoming video! ;) feel free to add any other SC2-related questions you can think of, or any random/fun questions you may have!

shoch123 answered your question: happy 400 followers! ^^ to celebrate, here’s what…

How you feel about HuK’s win against MC yesterday?


doigiveafuck answered your question: happy 400 followers! ^^ to celebrate, here’s what…

How did you get into starcraft, before even finding SC2A, TL, etc.? always been curious


mojojo808 answered your question: happy 400 followers! ^^ to celebrate, here’s what…

Why protoss? Do you get a lot of crap from guys because you’re a female gamer on tumblr/ladder? Fav korean player and non huk foreigner.


nurdrage answered your question: happy 400 followers! ^^ to celebrate, here’s what…

When did you first play SC?


aubreebree answered your question: happy 400 followers! ^^ to celebrate, here’s what…

Obviously why protoss, what is your favorite unit and why. And who is your favorite Terran, Toss, and Zerg at the moment ^^


iamsobiased answered your question: happy 400 followers! ^^ to celebrate, here’s what…

What music do you like?


protossbakeboss answered your question: happy 400 followers! ^^ to celebrate, here’s what…

Whats your favorite dipping sauce for chicken strips?

aaron-ish: When did you get into starcraft? What’s your school and major? What do you do besides school and SC2?

lichdog: I know you’re happy Huk won. :P how did you feel about him vs MC? Did you want another matchup? Or were you happy with PVP?


@andreaEffie Since when, and how come, did you come to favour Huk so much? :)

@andreaEffie What unit do you want added to mulitplayer for each race in HOTS?

@andreaEffie Do you love me? <3


hiroqs said:

Depending on if you use windows or mac you can install the korean keyboard quite easily. I honestly am a windows person so I only know how to do that one however I could try figure out as I have a few mac computers and some time on my hands. BUT for PC it is, Go to Control panel then (on windows 7) it should be region/language then a pop up will come up. look for the tab of languages/keyboards then find add keyboard or change keyboard then click add, then look for korean

hiroqs said:

How did you get started in SC2, Did you play BW? and why protoss?

Okay, so I was planning on making a video with most frequently asked questions about me/my blog… This was probably going to be one of the questions. Would anyone watch this video? Or should I just post a FAQ? Or both? Haha or any other alternative? Let me know, please!

hiroqs said:

As a Protoss player how do you feel bout the zerg change where NP can no longer target massive units, such as the MS, thor, Battle cruiser, archons, carrier, and most important IMO the Colossi. While I think Infestors are a little OP I also think that if you nerf this then infestors in ZvP become almost useless as the newer metagame is massling infestor where you np the colossi so youre lings can own stuff up without getting melted by colossi

I feel like the nerf might be going a little overboard… NP’ing massive units was kind of a big deal for Zerg, and I never realized it was OP, although it kinda seems like it would be if my colossi are basically melting my own units with their ridiculous range and splash damage… We’ll see what happens when the patch comes out though, and if it doesn’t work out hopefully next patch will rectify it.


mojojo808 answered your question: Hello, my lovely followers, in light of a recent…

What do you think about SlayerSEve? She is a Diamond league player who was recruited and is on the slayers lineup. (she hasnt played yet tho)

She’s keeping on the down low, so good for her. We’ll see how she plays. If she was off attention-whoring on the internets, I would judge her pretty hard. But as it is, she’s kept a low-profile so I will be judging her by her skill and that’s it. ^^