An Open Letter to Microsoft

Subject: Advice re: The Future of Minecraft

Dear Microsoft,

Congratulations! You are now the proud owners of Minecraft. Although Minecraft was already inarguably a success before it ever reached the XBox, it has become the global phenomenon that it is, at least in part, due to your early support. But now that you are officially in control, I have some advice for you regarding…

The Future of Minecraft

First and foremost, although you may now own the software that is “Minecraft”, Minecraft does not belong to you. It belongs to us. It belongs to everyone. Minecraft’s success is due to the freedom Mojang has given to its community to play and to create with few restrictions. Because Minecraft is not simply a game; it is a medium, like literature, music, or film. It is a creative and educational environment that allows its users and players to express themselves and to learn in ways that were previously unavailable, and unimaginable.

What this means for Microsoft is that Mojang must remain in Stockholm as the custodians and developers of Minecraft, and it must continue to include Jens Bergensten and his team at the helm.

Your role? You will be as Overseer, a god who interferes as little as possible.

There will be no paywalls, no platform restrictions, no backtracking of features or access, no DLC, no in-game purchases; the Minecraft community is already wary of your Goliath-like presence, and they will flee given any excuse. Your touch, if any, must be the lightest of all.

Resist the urge to attach your branding to the game. Resist the urge to interfere. Double-down and foster Mojang as the boutique studio it is within the Microsoft family by providing them with the freedom and resources they need to continue with Minecraft as they always have and allow it to flourish. Minecraft must be devoid of Microsoft’s presence as much as possible, and it must remain that way into the future.

As I mentioned earlier, Minecraft’s success as a medium is due in no small part to the endless streams of original content that has been created by its loyal and dedicated users. Minecraft worlds must continue to be freely distributable. YouTube and other video sharing services must continue to be the home of original Minecraft video and music. And the modding community must continue to be allowed to operate under the same conditions as it always has. If Microsoft were to restrict these elements in any way, the results would be catastrophic for the Minecraft community and for you, and the inevitable revolt would be quick and irreparable.

In closing, I implore you to heed my advice. You will only get one chance with this. If you act in error, you will have done more than make a regrettable billion-dollar mistake; you will have ruined an irreplaceable artifact, something which everyone will be poorer for in the end.

Yours truly,
Nate Tronerud, Minecraft player



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2010: Geely acquires Volvo Cars, the industrial crown jewel of Sweden with 20,000 employees for $ 1.5 billion.

2014: Microsoft acquires Mojang, the 40 employee strong swedish indie game developer studio behind the Minecraft phenomenon for $ 2.5 billion.

I’m not saying either one is good, bad, right or wrong. It’s just a mind boggling comparison. If I’d written about user numbers instead of employees, the balance between Mojang and Volvo Cars would have been reversed.

Picture from Planet Minecraft