mogchoji said: Pittsburghers use y’ins

Really?? I’ve never heard that! Cool : D

poonfeyrac said: I guess some places also just use “youse” instead (and we were actually dumb and got rid of ye, which was sort of a plural as well)

Yeah it’s just weird that all the plural yous we have in the States are used in regional dialects, and sound…well it’s stereotyping obviously but they sound uneducated. And beyond that they’re so regional that they sound disingenuous coming from someone like me. America’s so interesting. 

Poon write your next linguistics thesis on the relationship between dialect and class please

loryisunabletosupinate said: “you all”

It works but it’s clunky :/ 

Kimi Ni Todoke

Two episodes in and MY GOD it hurts. It is beautiful but it hurts.

Love each other. Right now. I fucking mean it.

I’m not really a romance person, not a Notebook fan, I much prefer quality over a cute story but something about anime love stories makes everything ok. Maybe it’s because I can always blame bad writing on bad translation.


mogchoji replied to your post: but when you do just reduce everything to the…

I sort of know what you mean? I’ve been drawing the human form lately and it’s actually really fun? It’s fun to draw the little curves and dips people have, drawing the roll in someone’s stomach. People are just really beautiful.

And also like

The first sentence of Who Has Seen The Wind (which you should read it will change you I promise) is

Here was the least common denominator of nature, the skeleton requirements simply, of land and sky…

and it’s talking about the prairies and it start talking about wind and basically in the book wind is a metaphor for life and death and just

It’s the most basic you can get, right? It’s the most common too, you get wind practically everywhere. And there’s this other passage that’s like

A forever and forever sound it [the wind]had, forever and for never.  The pairie had been there forever, before he had been, or his father, or his father, or his father before him. Forever for the prairie, never for his father- never again. 

People were forever born, people forever died, and never were again. Fathers died and sons were born, and the prairie was forever, with the wind whispering through the long dead grasses, through the long everlasting silence. 

and godddd it just captures the simplicity and the duality so soso well

like it’s the most basic- life and death, prairie and the wind and they’re just so interconnected and i can’t do this anymore


mogchoji replied to your post: forget what i said about my room being adorable i…

I can not rest if I’m going to have to worry about you burning your house down. Please go deal with that. Arson isn’t cute.

I didn’t do it on purpose!!

Okay I sort of did

I held a tissue paper over my candle but then I couldn’t settle the flame and panicked and dropped it in my trash can which is  was filled with paper and I had to pour water over the fire and it smells gross now

Now I’m having tea and cookies and life is better but that was a thrill man

Go to sleep cutie c: