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Moga, I'm really sad. I play the piano but I only took like a year of lessons so I am still just a beginner. We had to stop lessons and I haven't had them for nearly 3 years, and I'm a junior in high school. My time is running out and I want to go to college for art and music, but I honestly don't know of any music schools that would take beginners like me. It just makes me so sad because it feels like my passion and my dream is just slipping away from me.

Don’t be sad!! 

I don’t know much about music school, but I do know that at my State college where I study art there are people in some of my drawing classes that have never picked up a pencil (metaphorically speaking)

Don’t ever ever EVER give up on a dream! You’re only a junior in high school, you have your entire life to make your career happen!

And who says you need lessons to play the piano? If you own an electric keyboard or have access to a piano, you can teach yourself using resources online.

I know you can do this!

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ok so a looong time ago you posted some gifs from a pretty unknown but apparently very high quality anime, it features a spiky-tooth fish living in a bubble and it kept getting bigger and bigger... Do you remember what that anime was called? Thanks!

If by a long time ago you mean the one I reblogged yesterday, here is the post

It’s called Dennou Coil

Have a good one!

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Mike Brown was being threatening towards the officer, attacked him, and tried to take his gun. While yes, the officer is most likely racist for telling him to get out of the street, Mike Brown was far from innocent in this tragedy. He wasn't trying to run away or shot in the back like some witnesses claim. All shots were from the front. I know it's easier to trust a popular post than research it yourself, but that's how misinformation spreads. And it spreads like wildfire on tumblr. God bless.

I assume you haven’t researched Mike Brown’s autopsy report.

He was shot multiple times, once in the head, entering through the top and exiting through the base of the neck, and multiple times in the hand and arm consistent with someone shot while kneeling and holding their hands above their head.

I suggest you do your research before suggesting he was being threatening to the officer.

Artists Ask Go - Moga Edition

I got so many asks, I thought I’d just put all the answers in one big chunk! If you have anymore questions, don’t be shy! I love to talk!

1: Take a picture of your workspace.


This is what the workspace back home looks like. The one now is just my laptop and tablet (college life what what)

2: Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.


I rarely ever use pencil, but I do consider this to be my ‘pencil’ case

3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a “doodle” it is.


Three friends and I were bored during an art lecture, so we passed around my notebook, each of us drawing one thing at a time. Annnnd this is how it turned out. 

4: Lineart or coloring?

Lineart by far! I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoy coloring, but I love drawing out a character so much more <3

5: Who/what inspires you?

Other artists. Experiences or emotions I personally have.

6: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.


I’m laughing so hard right now x]

7: Do you have any OCs?

Yes! But I don’t really post drawings of them here. Maybe someday?

8: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?

Absolutley. Honestly, it all depends on what I’m feeling. Like If I’m drawing an intense badass picture, I’m gonna be rocking metal or dubstep. If I’m drawing something sad, it’s Natalie Merchant’s album “Tigerlily” all the way.

9: Favorite thing to draw?

People. Expressions. Blood and gore. Comics.

10: Least favorite thing to draw?

Mother fucking hands. Perspective. 

11: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.


Whadda babe.

12: Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

I stick out my tongue when I draw. Also I make the same expressions as my characters…

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Not all men are like that though! By following this movement, you're dooming an entire gender! Looks like the shoe is on the other foot, hmm? You can't base an entire gender on a very small minority.

Whoa there!

To me, this movement isn’t about how every single man is “like that” (because most men are really amazing people) it’s about the fact that women should have to fear that every single man could be “like that”. It isn’t saying that all men are a threat, it’s stating that no one should live in a world where a woman has to assume that men are a threat.

If I’m walking alone late at night and I see a man walking towards me. No matter who he is, I immediately feel threatened. If someone sits next to me on the bus, I feel more comfortable if it is a woman verses a man. It has nothing to do with him, it has everything to do with how this culture has put a seed in the back of my mind telling me that as a woman I am not safe when alone with men.

Furthermore, have you read any of my other feminist comments? I am a full believer that feminism means equal rights for both women and men. I’ve written comics, essays, and answered asks all on the subject. So before you accuse me of being sexist against men, I suggest you go through some of my other comments on the subject, hmm?

I’m not going to say anything more on the subject, because I’ve answered a few asks relating to this. If you really want to pick a fight with someone over #YesAllWomen, might I suggest heading over to a feminist blog?

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I love your blog but that abortion thing and your rather nasty response bugged me. Could you just tag "social justice" stuff so I could blacklist it? I'd hate to unfollow you. :(

I’d appreciate if you did unfollow me. Right here, right now.

My comment: “There’s over 16 million kids in the United States living below the federal poverty level (x). Where’s their glass box?” is not nasty nor should it bug you.

If you think it’s appropriate to put $500k in a glass box to sit in front of a church, rather than give that money to living children who are suffering in poverty, you need to sort out your priorities.

That is all I’m going to say on the subject matter. For anyone wondering, this is the post this anon is referring to.

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Your last reblog, "Sharing Brushes", is very offensive. We -know- that you're superior at art; you don't need to share a "comic" that makes people who are inferior look stupider than they already feel. Thanks for adding to the problem.


YOU UTTER MOTHER FUCKING NIMROD! That comic isn’t about me as an artist being superior (and for the record I’m not superior). It’s about how the quality of an artists work is based off their skills, not the tools they use.

People assume that if you buy the $300 pack of colored pencils you will immediately become a better artist, BUT THAT IS NOT THE CASE.

That comic is simply pointing out that just because you have the best tools/supplies, does not mean you’re going to immediately be a fantastic artist.

So, no, I’m not adding to the problem you overly sensitive twat, I’m sharing a comic that speaks a hard truth every artist (including myself) had to/has to learn.

Good fucking day.

This is the comic we’re referring to.

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i've literally stalked your tumblr till the beggining. all the 446 pages. i feel creepy.


I AM HONORED YOU TOOK THAT MUCH TIME OUT OF YOUR LIFE FOR MY BLOG!! I hope it wasn’t too horrifying of a journey, those earlier posts are a little…scary…

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So Moga why are you a vegan? My parent's said I shouldn't become one because there's too many animals that we eat. I don't wanna be eating animals but I love the food too much to eat tofu.

Excellento question my dear anon!

Honestly I’m vegan for a couple reasons:

-The way animals are treated in the United States before slaughter is appalling and something I don’t want to take part of

-My body and mind feel healthier when I’m munching on veggies and fruit over fatty foods (literally, like a steak with white fat dripping off it). And, yes, I do get enough protein.

- I’ve watched multiple documentaries about how animal products are just plain bad for your health. Yes, even dairy. There’s a lot more efficient ways to get calcium then from a cow’s breast milk.

If you want to be vegan I say go for it! You say you love food too much to be vegan and just eat tofu, but what I don’t think you realize is that vegans can eat a lot of food. Seriously. Fruits, veggies, grains (can you say P-A-S-T-A!?), all that good stuff.

Hell, even oreos are vegan. In fact, anything food you can think of, I can almost guarantee there is a vegan supplement. 

As for tofu. That stuff can be fucking delicious when cooked right. Seriously check this shit out:


Oh. Ah.




The only thing I dislike about being vegan is the people who give me shit about it. The way I see it, what you eat is nobody’s goddamned business. Fuck, if you want to eat a box of donuts everyday, then DO IT. I mean, you’re going to have to deal with the consequences, but if that’s what you want to do, no one has any right to tell you otherwise.

Oh, also, people automatically assume that my being vegan means I’m part of some like cult or something? Where we all wear hemp and break into zoos and don’t shave? Or that we all grow our own food in our backyards and don’t have electricity?

Nah, I’m a normal college student who partys and is in fandoms and loves art and gushes about cats and Jensen Ackles. 

Sorry for the long answer xD Have an awesome day!

Quick update...

Hi! Sorry I don’t mean to spam your newsfeed, I just wanted to let everyone know my surgery went great!
Looks like I’ll be living off gogurts, Vicodin, and smoothies for the next couple of days ;)
Thank you everyone for the warm messages! I can’t reply to all 82, but just know I read each and every one and I am so grateful for such kind followers! I hope you have a fantastic day/night!!