Reśume 💯% #Trill / no fat ALL STAKE! Not bragn at all! ijs I will not Allow you to talk to me like I aint Shit! I’ve work hard & still doing soo! Thank You all that #Support my movement! & a #Loud ass FUCK YAAAAAHHHHH! if you #Hate that I’m tryna make it! #GoodMorning #mofoz #Success Ain’t Happen over night. @TimIzCocky #Confident & #Conceited that my #motivation label to keep me focus on #Self not to say I’m Better than everybody But that I’m better than I WAS YESTERDAY! Everything ain’t meant for you to understand! I uplift Me & My Team, Everybody ain’t Always gonna stay Loyal & 💯 but trill shit I fix with you to the wills fall off or you show me different! I’m Tim! THATS IT. If nothing at all No Fame No Money No Acting No Stunting. I’m still TIM. The nigga that fuck with you when nobody else did & before you were who you are now. Life Change people but thru all I’m still yo Lil Bro that’ll help even if I ain’t got it to give. Remember me how you want to Good or Bad. But always REAL.