#WhoIFollow: @looksharpwi

@looksharpwi is a 24 year old NYC based fashion blogger. Using her #NYFW pass, @looksharpwi gives a real behind the scenes look into the best shows, dinners and parties of the chicest week of the year. “I’m into fashion, but not just fashion on its own. I love learning about what fashion means to people. The communications aspect of fashion is what I really love. Why are we so drawn to clothes? Shoes? How and why do we use clothes? How and why do we love them?” Says @looksharpwi. Her favorite mobli feature? “I think the live stream is SO cool! I just wish I had more interesting things to live stream. It’s such an amazing feature, though, and I think people are going to go crazy over it”. @looksharpwi’s photography tip: in my opinion, the use of negative space is more important than the object itself. Try leaving a bunch of open space and framing your subject in one of the “thirds” off to the left, right, top, or bottom. We’ll appreciate them more". We’ll give it a try! 

Wide brimmed hats to the next level at @rebeccaminkoff 

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