Different Ways To Infinity: Modular

Design sculpture by felixluque is made up of ten dodecahedrons which can be arranged together in a variety of ways - video embedded below:

The system is composed of 10 rhombic dodecahedrons, geometrical objects part of the family of «Space-filling polyhedra»: shapes that can be assembled to generate a tessellation of an infinite space. These forms act as the building blocks for a sculpture generator.

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Hacking Households

Project exploring ideas related to coding and open-source principles and bringing them to product design - video embedded below:

What if objects were produced the way open source software is developed?

Creating software has become a flexible, collaborative, and adaptable process: projects develop as code is openly shared, reviewed, adapted, and distributed. Simultaneously, home appliances are increasingly dependent on inflexible standards of production leading to a lack of reparability, less adaptability, and more waste. With affordable technologies of digital manufacturing and electronic platforms, translating code into matter is becoming possible for everyone. Programming object thus seek to bring open source software practices into the world of (open hardware)appliances. Moving away from a top-down approach from corporation to consumer, to one where objects are designed, developed, and produced democratically within open communities.

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MIMA House | MIMA Lab | more

  …unique for its ability to be reconfigured by the owners in project and also post-delivery. The interior walls consist of lightweight panels that can be easily relocated or removed by two people. Several years have been spent refining the concept in order to arrive at a finished product that would be quick to manufacture, easy to assemble, of good quality and affordable.

The interior wall system consists of frames that are snapped into place in […] tracks. As a result, the rooms can be expanded or reduced in increments of 1.5 m. Finish panels are then attached to both sides of the wall frames.

the decor of the house can be changed just by flipping the [wood veneer] panels over. Similar panels can be used to cover the windows as needed for privacy or to block out unwanted sunlight and views.

Archdaily Building of The Year 2011

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