Wedge Bob Hairstyle

This mod replaces the base game shaggy bob for female elves, dwarves and humans with a smoother version that is much shorter in the back. Because it replaces the same meshes, it is incompatible with the female versions of my earlier mod Alternate Sidecut. Ingame screenshots courtesy calpatine/screenscapes; all screenshots taken with skara888‘s hair retexture mod.        

The libraries in my game have severely lacked children. With this mod you’ll now see more Children and Teens (as well as Young Adults) visiting the library (and the museum). You’ll also see less Adults/Elders.

Changes I made to the resources:
-Increased the amount of library/museum “students” (Children/Teens/Young Adults) - Preferred age was set to Child.
-Decreased the amount of library/museum “readers” (Children-Elder)
-Removed the autonomy to “study homework” at the library. The reason I did this was because they would prefer to do this over the other library actions, plus when they did this they were doing it on the sidewalk over by the Jungle Gym Boat in Willow Creek.
-Added the autonomy for children to play with indoor objects at the library. *Note that this will not guarantee that they will*

Compatibility - When a new update releases please check the Mod Compatibility Status page for complete status compatibility on this and all mods on this site.

XML resources that will conflict with this mod:


Okay so I’m going to open applications for whoever wants to be a mod on this blog. It’s been really hard for me to keep up with all the anime and it’d be a big help to have another person working on here :) Send me an ask with this information… 

First name: 



Why I want to be a mod: 

My favorite anime: 

Other anime worth mentioning: 

My favorite manga:

I was playing some Skyrim again, I’ve been leaving Sniper at home since he’s been having problems getting along with others (keeps randomly attacking people). 

I came home after a little while to drop off things that were taking up weight. I expected to see sniper in his chair, but he wasn’t there.

So I went over to the other place he sits at, but he wasn't there either.        (I was getting slightly worried at this point.)

Went over to our bed to see if he was just sleeping, wasn’t there either. (Started getting really worried at this point.)

Then I go back downstairs to check the Alchemy room (though I've never seen him in there before), and there he is.. 

Just sitting there.

As if there’s not a thing wrong at all.

I’m so sorry okay so a while ago I  said I’d try and attempt to make a homestuck oc without reading homestuck first because they always come out bad and guess what I finally did it. ft. confused commentary from me lmao

It’s so hard jfc I didn’t know what half the stuff meant? Also I'm the only mod who’s not into homestuck I think… anyway this is dedicated to inkie who really hates it when people do this - Eno

anonymous asked:

What happened to mod xiao?

I…Don’t actually know???

-Mod Virgil

Xiao left without really informing anyone??? Or saying anything. I only found out when I was adding Misha and noticed Xiao wasn’t in the members list. So we have no idea.



Weapons from Scottmack’s “Courier’s Weapons” pack. Top to bottom:

-The Lawbringer. A .357 lever-action with a underbarrel flamer attachment

-The Johnson ‘41 rifle

-The Artisan’s SMG. A .22-caliber weapon with a high firing rate

-The Reforged Wasteland Rifle. A bolt-action .308 based off the Mauser C-96

-The Nine (scopeless version). A unique 9mm pistol with a 20-round magazine and full-auto fire. Also comes in a scoped flavor that fires semi and features a carbine stock.


Alternate Sidecut

This mod replaces the bob hairstyle with a fuller, slightly longer alternative to the base game sidecut, with a larger shaved area and rounder hairline. It does not replace the base game sidecut itself. There is an ear gap for elves; no or negligible ear clipping is achievable for most head shapes. Versions with the shaved area on the left- and right-hand sides are available for all race/gender combinations. Please read the mod notes in full before downloading.