The Mod and the Rocker (Chapter 15)

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The Mod and the Rocker (Chapter 15)

The Cavern was crowded enough. It was Monday evening, the end of a day of work, so not all the young people of the working class could afford to spend the night there; dancing and drinking in a club. But it was the Cavern and it never failed to be crowded and viable enough.

The club, that had initially opened as a modern jazz club, was beloved by the mods and Miles was proud to be the one to introduce Alex to a club like that. Like the Cavern.

"Here we are." Sighed Miles as the two boys were nearing the club. They parked really distant from where the club and it’s proper parking lot were. And this only because they had utilized the rocker’s motorcycle for the transport. They couldn’t appear infront of Miles’ mod-friends with that big, rocker’s vehicle.
Miles was glad to see that Alex showed apprehension towards this. A real rocker wouldn’t act with him like that. A real rocker would disgrace Miles on purpose, infront of his own friends. In actual fact, a real rocker wouldn’t even kiss a mod. Nobody would kiss somebody of the same sex during that time. It was more than just a big shame. A non-acceptable disgrace. It was immoral to even think about it. Miles’ conscience was feeling guiltier than ever, his regret higher than usual. During the whole drive, gripped on Alex’s waist, he was thinking about this innocent kiss, and about how he had enjoyed it. He was wondering if Alex had enjoyed it too and if he’s regretting it and hating himself as much as he’s doing right now. Maybe he didn’t care at all and was already over it. Maybe he wasn’t that paranoid as Miles himself was. He was a rocker after all and he must have been gone against the rules so many times. Maybe he didn’t even enjoy it and really saw it only as a ‘warm up’, how he used to call it. But judging by the state he has been during and after the kiss, Miles could swear he sensed a kind of thirst and greediness in the boy’s way of kissing him. He might fantasize too much.

"Act calm, and composed most of all. Don’t act like a rocker." Miles was giving him some last recommendations before they entered the club. "Don’t also act as if this all is new to you. You’re a mod and it isn’t your fist time in a club."
Alex shrugged and walked cooly next to Miles, hands in his pockets. Too cooly and easily in Miles’ opinion.
“Walk more elegantly! You’re in a suit, not in some tattered clothes.”
Alex just giggled as he imitated Miles’ way of walking, making it maybe look even more attractive, Miles thought.

They approached Miles’ friends that were waiting in the scooters’ parking lot for him. As soon as they saw Miles in company of someone else they all silenced and observed the not familiar face, analyzing him with their gazes. Alex felt slightly uncomfortable.

"Guys, this is… Adam." Miles stated out, making the rocker look at Miles confused and with a raised brow. They didn’t talk about a fake name to give him and he couldn’t understand for what reason it could be useful. Miles however found it conventional and nodded at Alex as if to reassure him that it was necessary.

Jay, Eugene and George observed the boy and his style. He was styled good. Too good maybe, but his quiff made them all slightly frown.
“You’re a pompadour hair fan?” Jay asked, being the most outright of the group, pointing at the quiff.

"I ehh.. yeah. I thought I might try it and it’s nice." He shrugged, not feeling at ease right now.

Jay looked at him for a few more seconds before he offered him a hand and with a smirk he added
“Nice to meet you, Adam. I’m Jay.”

Alex quickly shook his hand and also the others ones, half smirking as they presented themselves infront of him.

"How did you meet Adam, Miles? And how come it that you’ve never mentioned anything about him?"

"Well, ehh.." Scratching his left shoulder, Miles was thinking about a plausible lie again "he’s the… mechanic. Yeah, he works in a work shop near my house and he repairs my scooter. Since it had a little problem I took it there, to him, and we met and… I thought, why not inviting him at the Cavern with us. And here he is.”

Alex nodded with everything Miles said, a grin forming on his face as he realized how true the story sounded. It was half true however.

Jay raised his brows as he directed his attention to the fake mod again. “Well then… Have you ever been here in the Cavern before?”

"Yeah, many times. I know this place pretty well already." There was something too laid back in his attitude, as he tried to act chill in the conversation but was exaggerating a little. Miles took note that the boy was a terrible actor.

"Ah really? Never noticed you. I never saw you around if I have to be sincere. You seem like a complete new face to me."

"Ehmm.. Must be the hair. I have this hairstyle for only a couple of days now and it changes me completely" Giggled Alex, scratching the back of his neck. He felt nervous.

"Probably…" Answered Jay with a smile as he asked to the others "So is everyone ready? Did your girlfriend arrive, George?"

"I’m gonna pick her up later. We can enter already."

With this everyone nodded and agreed as they entered the club, Miles and Alex looking and smiling at each other.

The Cavern was invaded with that familiar atmosphere created by jazz music, mod boys and girls, dancing crowds and drinks. Alex and Miles were both standing in a corner, next to each other as they observed the dancing crowd, only Miles slightly swaying to the rhythm.

"You play jazz music in clubs?" Asked the rocker as he listened carefully to the live music that was being played.

"Yeah, we love jazz. I told you already. You know that the term ‘mod’ comes from ‘modernism’, how in the 50s modern jazz musician and fans were called, right?!”

"Oh!" His brows raised, still looking at the crowd. "I didn’t know that…"

"Now you know. Everyday we learn something." Smirked Miles, directing his gaze towards the rocker, who smirked back with the same slight happiness. "You see that girl there?"
Miles pointed towards Anne, who was chatting with some other girls and sipping on a drink in his hand.

Alex raised his brows and smiled at the sight of the girl swaying to the music. “Yeah, pretty good looking.”

"She’s Anne." Pointed Miles out, with a tone that reminded Alex to not observe her this befuddled.

The rocker chuckled. “Good choice, mate.”

"I know. I have to go and stay with her for a while. Make yourself comfortable in the meantime. You’re a mod after all." With these words he headed towards the girl, leaving Alex alone in the corner, who sighed and looked around, not sure after what he’s looking for in a club like that. He was starting to wonder why he has come in a place like this after all. He still didn’t fully understand why Miles wanted him to stay here for all costs.

Miles approached the girl, standing quietly behind her as he tapped on her shoulder, bringing her attention to him. She turned around surprised, making her long wavy hair sway, and as soon as she noticed the lad being Miles she smiled and hugged him.
The mod was proud that he had this effect on the girl.
“Miles! I though I’d never see you again! You disappeared suddenly!”

"No worries, Anne. I’m still here for you. You wanna dance?" He jerked a thumb behind him towards the dancefloor, and with her usual way of giggling she nodded and let herself being led by Miles. The lad smirked satisfyingly, he was so proud of his ways in conquering girls that quickly.

Alex was walking around the club. He wasn’t dancing or doing much, just shifting from space to space to observe the people around him. He noticed how everyone was dressed similarly. The boys wore mostly suits or other elegant and classy clothes and their hairs were cut similar to Miles’, some being just a bit longer or much shorter. The girls wore mostly skirts or also very elegant dresses. Some of them had long hairs cut in fringes and some of them had their hairs also really short cut, appearing like a boy-ish style. It was something new for the rocker; a strange and uncommon view. But he had nothing against it.

He approached the bar booth and sat on one of the high stools, leaning his arms on it.

"Evening stripling. You want something to drink?" Greeted him the elegantly dressed bar tender. He raised his brows at the sight of Alex. "You do really have the style of an italian styled man, lad. Good job."

"Thank you…" Giggled Alex, finding it absurd how mods were obsessed with fashion and someone’s style.
“I’d like a vodka Gimlet, please.”

While Alex was drinking, Miles was dancing with Anne. They’ve been dancing closely for a bunch of tunes now, getting closer. At the end of one tune, Miles put his hands on her waist and asked: “Let’s go outside. Just by ourselves. Let’s stay in a quieter place…”

"What do you want to do, Miles?" She giggled once again.

"There’s no need to explain, love." He said, caressing her cheeks.

She then suddenly sighed, her smile dropping from her face away. “There’s something I have to tell you, Miles.”

Also Miles’ expression got a little worried. “What’s the matter?”

"During the time you were absent I started to date a boy. And I have no intentions to do something with someone else while he’s away, you know? We can’t start anything, Miles. We can’t get any closer than this."

"Seriously?" Miles was disappointed. He thought he might have had a chance in bringing the girl with him to Manchester. But it was all a false illusion now.

"Yeah. I’m sorry, Miles." She said, shrugging and letting Miles’ hands go. "Please, don’t be too disappointed. It’s not that I don’t like you, I just found someone else."

Miles stared at the ground, his disappointment showing but he didn’t want to cause any trouble out of it. After all it was his own fault for having being absent for too long.
“Don’t worry, Anne. I’m alright with it.” He faked a smile as he decided to distance himself, not finding any reason for staying with the girl any longer.

He wasn’t disappointed because it was Anne that he had just lost, he only really wanted to have a girl which whom he could snog with tonight. And she was also the girl he considered taking with him to Manchester, and now he had to search after another one all over again.
Sighing, he decided to go for a drink, not feeling in the mood to get a girl now. As he was approaching the bar booth he noticed Alex being there, not wearing the suit’s jacket anymore and his pink button down shirt had the sleeves rolled up and the first three buttons unbuttoned, wearing it rather clumsily. Apart of finding it kind of funny how Alex couldn’t resist to act like a stylish mod for not even a few hours, he also found it quite attractive. His whole forearms were visible and he had just beautiful arms. Yes, he had.

He sat on the stool next to the boy and gave a better look at him. That’s when he realized in what state the boy actually was: his cheeks were flushed, his eyes half closed and he had a lazy grin on his face. Also his hair wasn’t that kept anymore, his quiff messy and the shirt with the three buttons unbuttoned was showing some of his bare chest. He was giggling in the intoxicated state he was in and didn’t really realize Miles’ presence.

"You alright, mate?" Asked the mod, containing the laughter he wanted to let out because of how Alex was acting. It was the first time he experienced him drunk. And he was so jerky and foolheaded, in a cute way.

As soon as he looked up at the mod, he smiled and widened his eyes “Miiles!” He screamed jokingly in a sort of raucous and deep voice, then bursting into a big laughter for how his own voice had just sounded. Giggling in a high pitched drunken voice he added “oh god this wasn’t me.. th-this was a demonic voice… someone inside me…”

"Alex, you’re drunk." Miles stated out. He was keeping a serious expression, altho’ Alex’s laughter was slowly infecting him.

I’m Adam!" The rocker replied, acting ridiculously serious before he laughed drunkenly again "drink with me, Miles! Take a vodka Gimlet!" He nearly screamed as he ordered the drink for Miles. The mod smirked and decided to take part in getting plastered with Alex. There wasn’t anything else he had to do for tonight, anyway.

Soon the two boys were laughing like mad for every single word or phrase; every single thing around them or every noise they just heard, getting more plastered and more drunk in time to time. For the state they were in, they also couldn’t avoid to get physically closer, being all over each other how they have always secretly wanted to. There was no fear anymore.

End chapter 15/?

Chapter 16 coming soon!