Ancestral Summonings - a comic inspired by elanorpam’s AU, in which the trolls can channel their ancestors and/or be full on possessed by them in battle. I highly recommend checking out the original post. They put a lot of thought into it!

This comic was inspired by their description of the Signless’ role. From what I read of it, the guy never does anything for the offensive beyond calming/distracting the adversary. This was my interpretation as to what would happen if there was nothing else left to try, what WOULD this guy’s attack be if it was truly needed?

Basically, what I came up with was that he still would not be able to directly do anything, but by taking full possession of Karkat (something he refuses to do normally) he can exploit the young troll’s blood aspect, essentially turning him into a puppet master. Through this he can combine his pacifying abilities with another’s attack form. The specific attack would be different depending on which troll is available for use. In this case, he uses Sollux’s abilities to reach out and absorb negative energy (Alt. title - “The Scrufferer and the Extendable Shooshpap”) and disperse it back into the environment. This form of intervention is too complicated and dangerous to justify using regularly, but can be used as a quick and dirty last resort.

Except for the fact that losing control of himself to full possession for the first time spooks Karkat into never wanting to ask for his help ever again.

Looooots of experimenting in this one: mainly “How do open mouths” and “What the heckie is perspective?”. Also, this thing was too long so I settled for a totally original comic-book style setup. Go me.

Silly monster. Only Vriska is allowed to strangle her toredumbass. 

Sidenote: Aforementioned toredumbass is totally still alive. Don’t worry.

Hello, Miss toastyhat. c: I hope you are doing better today. Unfortunately, you are a bit far away for me to properly extend a hug to you, so I hired some gray-skinned weirdoes to do it for me.


Your name is THE READER and dang is that last frame giving you a headache jegus crust kill it with fire

Two trickster!tumblr strips in a row?! Well, yes and no. This was going to be the ending of the last strip, but as we all know it was waaaaay too many frames. So technically you get two strips, one complete train of thought. 

Also, please please PLEASE tag this one for epilepsy. I’ve got a headache from editing this one (it used to be a lot more violently glitchy, but I’ve toned it down significantly- meaning I’ve watched these two creeps spazz around for almost an hour…not a pleasant experience).


Colors From Within (Disneystuck)
  • Colors From Within (Disneystuck)
  • moc-tod-ffuts-modnar

Yeesh okay so this was never ever EVER supposed to earn this much effort. I wasn’t even going to draw anything for it but then we all see how that turned out. Thusly, have a speedpaint lyricstuck that’s not quite detailed/put together enough to technically count as one but will be anyway? The main point of this was the song, so we’ll just focus on that instead. 

Also, I apologize for the large gap in the middle. It was originally supposed to be from the Sufferer’s point of view and I had planned dialogue in there, but alas… I have discovered that my voice does not pitch down well.

Anywho, it’s not perfect, but it is a bit fancier than “Hey Mr. Strider”, so I shall still mark it down as an improvement.


Your name is THE ARTIST, and boy have you been excited about such a HELLA strip!

So I had several really nice .gifs for this one, but tumblr wouldn’t let me upload them no matter how much I compressed them or toned down their crazy colors. I’m at least happy that I got the second one to work, even if the quality’s shot because of it. I also apologize in advance for the buildings. I just didn’t know what else to do with them…


Everyone has now fallen prey to the Tricksters! What will our heroes do now?!

Transparent Petstuck Gigapause because the thought of it is adorable so there

If this were an actual story it would be about Hetalia taking little Gigapause in after finding them wandering around somewhere.

Gigapause probably used to be owned by a scene girl or something who dyed its hair freaky colors and brought it against its will to her friend’s tattoo parlor to get its eyes and horns done in matching rainbows, convincing it that the only way she would love it was if it was constantly brightly colored and goofy looking. Then, after Hetalia takes GP in and their hair starts growing out black again, they start full on panicking when Hetalia won’t take them to get a new color strip to cover it, because they think Hetalia won’t love them anymore if they’re not a “skittle troll”.

Wow that got sad all of a sudden for such a brightly colored little creature. But look- it has a lollipop! Aww so cute and happy~


(For best results, listen to)

Thanks to everyone who came to my first stream tonight! :D Lots of silliness and bunny slippers and fun. 

Commissioned panel redraw of this.


In which Rose tricks Dave into pulling on Karkat’s whiskers, neglecting to tell him that this is a form of “foreplay” between trolls. 

Toastyhat had proposed the idea of trolls with whiskers a while back, and I’m only now just getting this up. (It was actually drawn out a little while after my Uncle Athens and Vertigo submission, but I’m just so slow when it comes to finishing things sometimes.)

Demonstuck!Sollux sketch of his “true form” based on an RP I’m in. c: Please full view~

My demonstuck!Sollux is an incubus, because I like twisting lore around to suit my whim. Playing around with some lighting, style, and pretty much just fleshing out exactly what he looks like. I also want to draw him standing up to full height later, but for now I’m happy with figuring out his bioluminescent spots because things that glow in the dark make me happy.

He was originally all blue because I couldn’t figure out a reason for why he’d have a red eye as well in this situation, but then I threw logic to the wind and decided that his eye was injured- because Sollux just didn’t look like himself without mismatched eyes.

Demonstuck AU by my-friend-the-frog

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh how far you are from home.

First picture of a small set I want to do based on a RP I’m doing with the amazing ymeer​. I’ll explain the prompt later when I have the group up, I just couldn’t wait to post this one because I made the mistake of listening to sad Lord of the Rings music while working on it and now my heart hurts.