So much happiness! {06/04/2013}

Also in the first two big ones it looks like Liam’s mouthing ”muah” and leaning in awww

Happy birthday to Italian Futurist painter Gino Severini (1883–1966). Italian Futurism celebrated the speed, fragmentation, and sensory overload of modern cities. This effervescent painting of a young hatmaker strolling in the street was included in the first Futurist exhibition in Paris, held in February 1912. It conveys a sense of whirling motion through a combination of shifting planes of color and repeated elements of the hatmaker’s figure.

La Modiste (The Milliner),” 1910–11, by Gino Severini (© Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/SIAE, Rome)

The parallel top hat heavy distressed with bees wax and charcoal outline Trimmed in a goat crunch leather and a curled local found eagle feather. #bonacapello #modiste #hatter #handmade #bespoke @eamesaquatica @kateobriencreative


Loretta’s smile was a constant at her fittings… just wanted to share her joy:) 
The lovely Loretta Carmona McRae Filippi wearing a couture Italian silk duchesse satin & tulle ball gown with a French Chantilly lace jacket. Her Gold leather flower crown and silk tulle veil are now available in the Atelier.
Photographed by Sylvie Gil


Meet Shockwave!

Shockwave came into our clan as part of a welcome-to-Flight Rising care package from fellow Lightning Flight member, Modiste! Thank you for this incredibly handsome fellow! His colors were seriously in my top 3 color combos for my custom dragon, so I am really excited to have another dragon with colors I am aiming for!

Name: Shockwave
Race: Guardian
Gender: Male
Genes: Maize | Teal | Rose

Mother: Teresa
Father: Humilitas

El Registro de Artesanos cuenta ya con casi cien autónomos, asociaciones y empresas inscritos en la provincia

Por lo que respecta al número de oficios artesanos, destacan los dedicados a la elaboración y reparación de zapatos, carpintería, marroquinería, cerámica, modistería, guarnicionería y talabartería, estampación textil y marquetería

from Andalucia información http://ift.tt/1ttnc52


Jeudi 27 Novembre 2014 de 17h00 à 23h00

En Collaboration avec les Agités du Bocal, Péri’style présente le deuxième chapitre Des Ambulantes : Dans le Bocal.

Venez nous retrouver dans les locaux des Agités, situés en face du Jardin Moderne à Rennes. Un espace grignotage vous sera proposé, aromatisé au vin chaud!