The Talisse Lamp for Modiss

The Talisse Lamp for Modiss

Combining the translucent qualities of porcelain with brass and LED lighting, the Talisse Lamp for Modiss diffuses light in a new way and design. The lamp is available in three different sizes with also different heights and can be used in combinations for stunning visual lighting designs.

Talisse Lamp for Modiss

Three lights hung at different heights

Multiple lights used together

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TALISSE: Cloud-Like Porcelain Lamps for MODISS

TALISSE: Cloud-Like Porcelain Lamps for MODISS

Designed by Hopf, Nordin for MODISS, the TALISSE line of lighting look like clouds about to release drops of rain. Now, the clouds are frozen mid-air in one of the oldest materials made by humans: porcelain. Nature can’t be controlled by humans, and neither can porcelain so Hopf, Nordin embraced it within the three models the lamps come in.

Each pendant has a brass panel suspended underneath it…

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Messland Studio by: Arícia Souto

Apanhadores de sonhos feitos com lã, miçangas e pulseira.
idéia surgiu da minha cabeça quando comprei um filtro e falei “pq nao aprender a fazer”, encontrei em casa materiais que poderiam ser reutilizados para faze-los.
Não só os filtros como todos os outros produtos da Messland Studio.
Artesã amadora, que vive, respira, ama.. arte, modisse, e bagunça.

informaçoes e outros produtos: