If only that were true! If only we were all loyal and thoughtful and had super comedic timing. If only we were unreserved in expressing our fondness for others, and had the resiliency to stand up for them without reservation. If only we could take a beating for what we believed in, remembering that we’d grow back stronger than ever. If only we had the perfect solution to any problem. We could be thorny and poisonous only when it was appropriate. We could smell like flowers. If only we could say what was on our minds in one breath, and those close to us would just understand what we meant. 

by Rogan Josh


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FREE THING ALERT: The brilliant ModHero– whose Dazzler and Nightcrawler prints hang proudly on my wall– was kind enough to design this gorgeous, *limited edition* poster to celebrate the upcoming release of September Girls. If you’re among the first twenty people to pre-order the book and e-mail your details to I’ll send you your very own poster, signed by me. HOW COULD YOU PASS UP THIS AMAZING OFFER?

(Note: I think you need to be older than 13 for this to be legal, but you really shouldn’t be reading the book if you’re younger than that anyway.)

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Hey, everyone! I’ve placed slightly re-tooled versions of the 10 most popular modHero prints on Imagekind, so you can get them for your own wall in a variety of sizes. You can even get them framed or on canvas if you’re that classy. I’ll be placing more prints up there in the weeks to come. If there’s a print you’ve been waiting to get, let me know and i’ll make sure it’s in the queue! Thanks for being awesome fans!

This is the version that I shall be getting of the Gambit and Rogue commission.  I felt that the green had a darker and eerie-r feel.  And I really can’t wait to have it and get it framed.  If you can, you should really commission  a ModHero piece.  They are gorgeous and will definitely be worth the money.

Now onto the piece itself.  I was trolling through Josh’s pieces and I just wanted one so much I thought, “why not just get a commission from him?”  Long story short - I contacted him and we started communicating and got the ball rolling.

As many of you know (or should) I am a HUGE Rogue/Gambit fan.  They are my #1 Marvel OTP and will stay that way forever.  So I wanted a piece that featured them and nothing came to mind other than the Antartica scene.  It’s heartbreaking, beautiful, gah, and just SO Rogue and Gambit.  It’s one of the more memorable events in the Rogue and Gambit relationship and I love it to pieces.

When it’s available for print, I really hope you guys support Josh by buying it!  Who knows, I may even buy a few for myself and do a giveaway for it!


Hey modHeroes! Remember when the nice people at Society6 ran a promotional deal for FREE SHIPPING on prints? They’re doing it again! 

To celebrate, I remastered a handful of classic modHero prints and posted them in the shop JUST FOR YOU!

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Asbury Park Comic Con! Painted galaxy nails and wore my TARDIS dress, which was lucky because I fit nicely into a group of fellow female Whovians missing their Blue Box. They stole me, which was only appropriate. They were perfect in every way.

Met another Doctor too! The TARDIS recognizes every Time Lord, of course.

Also got a zombified portrait by Buz Hasson of, and two very cool art prints - one of Storm, and I couldn’t resist the second one. Made by modHero artist Rogan Josh, who was very nice and had all kinds of awesome art!

Didn’t get any names of the people I met unfortunately, so if you’re in here, let me know!


Forever kept apart, despite being two of the most physically unstoppable and spiritually indomitable characters in all of comics. Their early romance was sort of inappropriate and awkward, but it’s been etched into fandom as a smoldering testament to the power of first love - even if the characters never again connect the way they once did. 


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Remastered from this 2009 version: