Contesting illusory notions of a multi-racial utopia in which European, indigenous and African descendants live harmoniously without addressing the effects of colonialism, imperialism and enslavement, Afro-Latinidad not only demands recognition for the historical presence and contributions of African descendants since the end of the transatlantic slave trade, but also heralds a shift with regard to how Latin American identity is constructed today…Challenging both Eurocentric constructions of Latin American identity and narrow U.S.-centered constructions of “black” identity in the Diaspora, Afro-Latinas/os are demanding their place in history as purveyors of resistance and as the progeny of a deep-rooted legacy. Afro-Latinas are indisputably at the heart and helm of this struggle.

-Women Warriors of the AfroLatina Diaspora

By Marta Moreno Vega, Marinieves Alba, Yvette Modestin

I know these three women and I admire them so much! And this book, this book, just bought it today at La Casa Azul on 103 & Lexington, NYC—Can’t. Put. It. Down.