27/08/11 - leeds

27/09/11 - elounor 

07/12/11 - haroline - 07/01/12

07/12/12 - haylor - 07/01/13

07/12/13 - hendall - 07/01/14

maybe their management like the ‘one month’ space time.

Modest & 'Lack' of New Music/ Album Promo

I don’t think the lack of promo and exposure the guys are getting is because Modest couldn’t give a shit anymore, its completely normal for most artists to lay low press wise before they do a heavy promo push. 


Ill use Taylor Swifts strategy as an example because she’s one of the worlds most successful artists especially in regards to album sales. Her team has used the EXACT same release strategy her past 3 albums; this involves a 10 week promo period (2.5 months) and goes something like this:

  • Single release in Mid August
  • Album Release last week october/ first week of November 

Album 3, 4 and 5




Heres the thought behind the strategy according to the head of her record label, he discussed this about a year before her third album was released:

Scott Borchetta has announced that the singer will be taking some time out of the spotlight in a bid to avoid over-exposure.

In fact until the Academy of Country Music Awards in April the only glimpses of Taylor we should be seeing will be her on stage performing on her sold-out Fearless World Tour.

The whole laying low strategy is part of a plan to have Taylor return with a bang for the release of her third album, which once again according to her label is coming along swimmingly.”


I’m sure its very calculated that they’re pushing 5sos more because they don’t want the boys in the press much or their old music played on the radio. Through limiting press exposure to just pap shots & tour pics it keeps the boys relevant and also makes the fans want ‘more’, and then by the time the new single is released everyone’s excited about them again.

To sum up:

I would expect their new single mid september which would allow for a 10 week promo period since its a late november release date, which again is completely standard for respectable artists. At that point it’d expect more interviews, talk shows, possible coming out etc. Starting from mid september onward ill agree that Modest is shit and not doing their job if we’re not hearing much

anonymous said:

The amount of info you have here is incredible, thanks! :) I do have more of a logistical question here, though: WHEN the boys come out (I know people are saying maybe October!!) how will Modest Management handle it? Are they going to have to say that they "just" realized they were gay? I mean, it's not like they can say "We were always together but management wanted your money"... How will the coming out be handled??

I doubt that they will come out while still attached to Modest - but, thankfully, it’s becoming more and more obvious that Modest is on their way out sooner rather than later. Nobody’s sure exactly when their contract runs out, but considering the fact that Modest has been pretty much dumped by Syco (the music label that manages 1D), and they’ve practically given up entirely on promoting 1D in order to focus on 5SOS (who will continue to be represented by Modest in the future as far as we know) becoming their new cash cow, it’s clear that nobody in this arrangement is pleased about it right now.

Harry publicly aligning himself with the Azoff family, who are massively powerful figures in the US music industry and manage tons of successful artists, is a pretty clear sign that 1D is looking to move on, and I’d say it’s very, very likely that the Azoffs will be the ones managing 1D after they leave Modest. Once they’re no longer in a contract with Modest, Louis and Harry will be free to come out if they want to - because I guarantee they’re not going to sign on for another closeting arrangement. And once they’re no longer tied to 1D, Modest will have no obligation to comment on Louis and Harry’s relationship. I doubt that they would, considering there’s no possible way they could come out of that looking like the good guys.

On the subject of how the coming out itself will be handled: I would imagine that, like a lot of celebrity coming outs, they will skirt around the issue of being closeted in the past and the reasons behind it as much as possible. They’ll tell us they’re a couple, they’ve been a couple for a long time, and they were finally ready to tell the world. I highly doubt there’s going to be in-depth discussion about contracts and bearding and PR. The media loves a forbidden love story; they can and will take that and run with it however they want, regardless of facts.

I can’t predict when exactly they’re going to come out, and I don’t know if it’ll be as soon as October, but I can say with a decent amount of certainty that they are pounding on that closet door, and it’s not going to hold out much longer.

- Steph xx