Beating the summer heat with Abaya Addict

If you live in the Middle East you may be experiencing some extreme temperatures already! I know lots of people adore summer .. I, for one, despise it! But I know a little something that will help all the other hijabis out there! 

Abaya Addict, based in Dubai released their new collection of scarves! AND I got dibs on some beautiful ones! In these photos, I am wearing the Hummingbirds scarf which you can order on their website (link below). 

I am always hesitant in purchasing things online but trust me you will not be disappointed! This scarf and the others I ordered looked super pretty to me online but when I received them I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were! They are so light to wear, the material is super soft and extremely comfortable for summer wear! Plus the gorgeous prints on their scarves are just cherry on top!

Thank you so much, Deanna! I love the scarves!

All my love,
Heba xx

Outfit details: 

Scarf: Abaya Addict 
Blue shirt: H&M
Dungarees: Primark
Glam flats & bag: River Island
Necklace: Bershka

Abaya Addict link: 

The way I see it this was them trying to be subtle and it blew up in their face.

There’s no way you accidentally remove all the content about a major artist from your website, sorry, that doesn’t happen. So in my opinion they wanted to take 1D off their site prior to the announcement (which I think will happen Sunday) to cause some talk and buzz surrounding them.

What happened was that everyone jumped on it, and because they aren’t making the announcement yet they panicked and put it back up.

I don’t see how it makes sense otherwise - they didn’t even change the 1D photo to OT4.

Listen. If this is happening (and I think it’s highly possible), we noticed at about 2PM UK time on Friday afternoon. Modest! will bury it as much as they can.

I think IF we get any statement today, it will come at 5PM LA time. Because Irving likes to fuck with journalists and nobody will get a comment all weekend. It’s the first weekend of Coachella this weekend, so most of the entertainment news will be centered around that.  

In short, this seems super strategic timing. If it’s happening. And I think it’s happening. 

  1. You don’t need to shut down an entire page to change one picture (IF they were just changing the picture to post one without Zayn, which is apparently not the case).
  2. The site wasn’t down until the fandom crashed it. The only page that wasn’t working was One Direction’s.
  3. Who was the first one to notice? An Anon on Tumblr that messaged one or more bloggers? I side-eye Anons hard on this website.