Submitted by: modernmonroe

Description of Image: This is the last tattoo I got, which symbolized my last bout with self-harm. I’ve been clean since getting this tattoo and will continue to. “Ah life they have cheated you” because it is so much more beautiful over here in recovery. With Marilyn and Vivien on my side to help me through, I can do anything.

Age: 20

In Recovery From: February 2013

#1 Reason To Recover: Life is beautiful and I deserve to be around to see it.

Why Did You Decide To Recover: 
I was so sick and so tired of being sick and tired. I couldn’t hurt anymore. I realized I was important to some people and I really wanted to make something of my life. I’m so happy I made that decision.

Best Things About Recovery: 
Wearing short shorts and t-shirts and not having to worry. Also, being happy and not being afraid.

Hardest Part About Recovery: 
Resisting the urge to self-harm

Recovery Advice: 
Stay strong, stay beautiful, just keep going. Recovery is a long, winding road but it’s worth it.


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modernmonroe replied to your post: you have bipolar?

Welcome to the club haha. Shitty luck this bout. I understand what you are going through. If you ever need someone to talk about it with, my ask box is always open :)

Thanks.. I mean I’ve known for a while.. and been diagnosed for a while. I’m getting the hang of things and ‘healthier’ ways of coping <3
But thank you, I appreciate it :)