My new obsession: kilim.

Kilims (Persian: گلیم‎ gelīm) are flat tapestry-woven carpets or rugs produced from the Balkans to Pakistan. Kilims can be purely decorative or can function as prayer rugs

Kilim patterns can also be found on pillows, throws and other interior accessories. They come in bold and intricate designs and add color to any clean and contemporary room.

In this living room, I love how the kilim rugs work as an accent to the beautiful tiles on an otherwise minimal fireplace. 

Another nice touch are the global tchotchkes on the floor and mantle that contribute to the traveler’s-pad nature of this space.

Modernista y Mas

Today was my first day of Spanish classes in Spain. We are still transitioning from orientation, but from what I can see, this class should be pretty helpful and improve my communication. After class, I went on a group tour with a professor to see lots of Modernista buildings by architects/artists, like Gaudi. Everything is so beautiful! I wish people still constructed buildings like these. Afterwards, I came back to my house and had cena (quiche con queso y artichoke, sopa, y una manzana) and talked with my senora y companero, Samantha.

Later, I went out for the first time at night with some friends to a restaurant/bar to talk and relax. Samantha and I both tried different types of wine, but we couldn’t find any we liked… So we passed on the wine. We went with the guys to an Irish pub around La Plaza Catalonya later. Everything seems so relaxed and calm in Barcelona. I love the atmosphere and environment. Tomorrow should be amazing. Plans to go see La Sagrada de Familia. Can’t wait! Pictures to come soon.

Espero que tenga un buen dia. Sorry this wasn’t the most exciting post.

New Skittles Site Has More Than a Flavor of Modernista

Is it a ripoff of Modernista or is MARS Snackfood’s new Web site for Skittles just a case of following a cool trend?

The new behaves similarly to the Modernista approach in that the URL doesn’t take visitors to a typical product site. Instead, you land at a Wikipedia entry for the candy. On top of the entry, in the upper left corner, is a Modernista-like widget that allows you to navigate off the Wikipedia page to a Skittles-related Twitter feed, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Flickr page and more.