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I know the whole Martina/Zayn thing is fake and gross but aahhh. There's one part of me that takes it at face value and can't help being grossed out by THAT zayn (article zayn). And the other part hurts for zayn, the fact that such a gross picture is being painted of him, and a false one at that. And, ahhhh, it's truly stressing me out and confusing me, idk what to think.

thing is, zayn’s had a cheating image since the very beginning, unfortunately. though i don’t think it was big news considering it was towards the beginning of the band’s career, when they were mostly known in the uk (mainly talking about geneva and rebecca bc i think they alluded to it, though i think some of us have kinda said that rebecca was pr, and shit clicks if that’s the case, but that’s a whole other story tbh). it hardly did any damage (like i said, start of the band), especially considering i don’t see anyone including those instances as well. the earliest cheating rumor we discuss is the peephole video (though that looks like lm promo, wooo, lmao).

my point here is that yes, i think we should be disgusted because zayn’s always had a difficult time. he’s always been the one thrown under the bus - purposefully or otherwise. and what amazes me is that every time he gets knocked down, there he is standing back up again. not to say it hasn’t caused him pain, but jfc he’s been through a lot of shit. and if there’s one thing that satisfies me, it’s knowing that the people in his life know the truth. that’s what matters most.

i’m not sure what you’re confused about, though. maybe the entire situation at hand? but like, idk. i’ve been telling myself that things happen for a reason, and they’ll work themselves out, and for some reason, i’ve got a little faith in that. i think things are revealing themselves little by little, and i hope the resolve is soon approaching.