Greetings to All of My Beloved Fanboys and Girls!

As promised, in celebration of this occasion, I am spreading some love to other amazing bloggers with a Follow Forever. All of the blogs you see listed below are fantastic sources for all of your BioWare news, fan fiction and art. The ones that are highlighted are getting a little extra love because they are either super nice to me for no apparent reason or are just flat out fantastic people that I have been fortunate enough to get to know.

Now, without any further ado:

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Thank you all so much, and stay tuned! Bioware news from E3 and more information on NerdWorthy’s upcoming giveaway is heading your way soon!

-Your NerdWorthy Moderator, MissPiggy385

I am happy to announce the winners of the 800 followers milestone contest!

All have sent an image or description of an OC to be “robotized.”

Given the rate the story is unfolding, I expect that most of these OC-bots will appear in June.

anonymous asked:

After five years of blood (okay, not very much), sweat and tears (there was a lot of those), I'm graduating! I just want to thank the mods of this tumblr for providing advice and support during the rough times (there were many) during my undergrad and dealing with depression on top of it. I really appreciated it and seeing that the tough times are temporary. I hope that all of the mods of this blog experience lots of happiness and success in their lives because you deserve it. :)

Congratulations on graduating!

And thank you so much for the wonderful wishes! We really appreciate them!

So I’ve been busy for quite a while...

But I’m returning not a moment too soon!
If you haven’t heard of it, I was busy working on a project called The Dream Battle on my mod blog, wishdreamstar.

I suppose I would take a break on it to finally update this one.
So tune in for a livestream soon and hopefully we’ll have a good time.

Most livestreams now though will be on wishdreamstar, be sure to follow that one if you want to see most of my livestreams. The major update streams will go here still though.

It looks like I re-blogged “Princess Flutters” (as I called the image) here on We Repair Ponies instead of my mod blog. Normally when I make that mistake I quickly delete the post and re-blog to the right place, but in this case I didn’t notice until the day after. So, it shall remain!