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I think I’m the only one against this. I mean, owls aren’t exactly the most sociable and loving of animals and faced with that kind of enclosed environment isn’t reassuring.

No worries! It’s only for a week (not permanent) and the profits from ticket sales will be donated to The Barn Owl Centre, a charity which helps conservation of wildlife and birds in the UK.

Also, they’ve got a two page pdf that outlines all the safety measures that will be taken to ensure the wellbeing of all the owls. Nobody who goes gets more than two drinks, and nobody but the professional falconers will be handling them, and each owl will have a max of 10-12 people around them at any given time, which is what they’re used to.

I was scrolling through the Ponycon NYC 2015 photos on their website in hopes that anyone caught a shot of me in the Derpy cosplay. Not many pics of me (seriously there’s like only 2 pics of me out of thousands xD) but I found this from my tumblrpon panel YAY!

I think this is the best you’re going to get-

also wtf am I looking at lol

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How do you guys feel about Once Upon a Time?

Dani: It’s one of my favorite shows. I was, however, let down with how they did Frozen and how they made it look SO much like the movie. At least with the other characters they have made them look a little different.

Chiara: I love it! I didn’t like peter pan episodes, but I can’t wait to see what they’ll do with maleficent, cruella and ursula!!

Jen: I’m off and on with it. I go through phases of watching it and then giving up. Most of the characters have become so unlikable. But I am very, very happy that Belle dumped Rumple.