Don’t you love when the coverarts back in the 80s have nothing to do with the game itself? Take a look into Megaman1 boxart for instance, I wonder who the heck draw megaman that way… he even have a pistol (not to mention those legs, man… those legs)! 

This was a NES game idea that I had, it would be heavily “a boy and his blob” inspired. You would use Jake’s transformations to search for power ups and advance the levels, Jake would also be a weareble armor like he was once or twice in the show. Finn would play very megaman-zelda2-ish; walk, jump, slash, etc, all in 8bit goodness! I tried my best to mimic the NES limitations, using 4 colors per block and 5 colors max per sprite, and the color palette is fearelly the same.

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Snake and Konjak did a Wario Land and Princess Daisy mockup respectively, so I couldn’t stay behind.

I started this at the end of 2014 and finally got around to finishing it This taught me a lot about all the different aspects of game art, and it allowed me to put everything I’ve learned during Nuclear Throne into something that was a bit higher resolution. 

So yeah, this is what I would make a Sonic game look like if I was given the opportunity. It’s heavily inspired by Sonic Advance 2, which is my favourite Sonic game, along with the overall aesthetic of games like Sonic CD and Knuckles’ Chaotix. 

I might at some point animate Sonic’s runcycle and the Starpost (the wings flip around the red ring when you run past it, so that they end up right way up), and perhaps the Mosqui’s flying. For now though, I need to take a break from this one, haha! 


Isometric Art Equipments Scene Generator by  Mucahit Gayiran / Mockup Zone

From the top ? No. From the front ? No. Are you bored from the tones of same angle mock up files ? Here it is. We’ve made very big brainstormings, thought about creating a new and unique showcase file. And decided to make an isometric mock up scene generator. Can you believe ? You will put any item into scene and you will get a 3d perspective photorealistic image. First time in the world. Yes, it is available now. Be sure we will update and add some great features too.

Download it here: http://crtv.mk/t01Hb


Mega Bundle of 80+ Hero/Header Images - only $14

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