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ICYMI: The premiere of my new weekly culture show on Shift by MSNBC, So POPular! I interviewed Sherri Shepherd (our convo spanned activism and wigs!), broke down the Sony hacks and discussed holiday movies with popcorn/coke in hand. 

We will be back in the New Year with fresh to death eps. Stay up on So POPular! here.


Gabriel figured out the tactical advantage to learning how his wings work almost immediately, poor Sam :P So about a week later there are stepstools all over the house to remove wayward angels (meaning Gabe) from high furniture, curtain-rails and the one very sturdy hanging lamp in one the rooms, in case bribing him with candy doesn’t work ;w;

Cas is more of a ‘hiding underneath things’ type of angel, mostly because he really doesn’t trust himself OR his wings with flying till a far later age, poor bby :<

too many disparate emotions re: stills to formulate any of them right now, I think, gosh

and I was supposed to be finishing w editing and posting the second advent fic of the day when they came out???  ooops~.

how will we EVER deal w the episodes s2g it is way too much too fast.


wait that’s not true I have one emotion.  Although to be fair it is the same one I always have.

Kurt hoooooooow are you so attractive omg bb *stares* ALSO YOUR CLOTHES *KEYSMASH.*

Well, I submitted my mock thesis proposal today, and I had already done my mock syllabus yesterday, meaning that I have 2/3 finals down, one to go!

The last one is a ~10 page paper, due 12/26. Of course, because of all of the Christmas (and my birthday!) that I have to deal with next week, and all of the Christmas gift making and holiday baking to be done, I pretty much just have Monday to knock out 10 pages on Issac Julien and Claire Colebrook. I might leave out Tacita Dean, depending on how much room and time I have. I can probably work on it some on the 26th, as well, but I won’t have much time, since I don’t want to submit it super late at night. I can do this…right? =______=;;

And then after that, I’ll have to knock out a cosplay for Sac Winter, along with a bit of fixing up my Roxy ballgown! Imma have a busy couple of weeks.

Expect me to either be on here a lot reblogging completely unrelated things, or for me to hardly be on here at all. Sorry for the excess, whichever way it goes.

EDIT: Oh God and I have two panels to write somewhere in there. Hahaha…maybe I won’t get that cosplay done. I’m thinking Samus, because that’s way easier.


Legend of Pokémon ⊟

My heart skipped a beat during that half-second between me seeing this and then realizing it’s just a fan-made mock-up (from @ksw_mgmg, via @BlueApollon). With all the Zelda series crossovers lately, though, who knows, maybe Hylian Pokémon trainers could happen one day. I mean, until the past couple of years, I would have never expected that Link or his outfits would one day pop up in games like Mario Kart and Bayonetta.

Here’s what each of the images say, from top to bottom:

  1. You are challenged by Childhood Friends Link & Zelda!
  2. You are challenged by Holy Maiden Zelda!
  3. You are challenged by Ancestor-Descendant (OoT/TP) Link Duo!
  4. You are challenged by Two-Sides-Of-One-Coin Link & Ravio!

Much thanks to TC reader Puck for the translations!

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On the same day MSNBC announces my new weekly culture show, So POPular! for its new digital network SHIFT, I get to share the cover of C☆NDY with Laverne Cox, Carmen Carrera, Geena Rocero, Isis King, Gisele Xtravaganza, Leyna Ramous, Dina Delicious, Nina Poon, Juliana Huxtable, Niki M’nray, Peche Di, Yasmine Petty, and the legendary Carmen Xtravaganza!

You can by the special anniversary issue here.

The author, pop culture journalist, and social justice advocate is launching a new show on

I chatted with Cosmopolitan about my new weekly culture show, called SO POPULAR!, premiering tomorrow, Friday Dec. 19 at 11am ET on MSNBC’s all-digital network, Shift. Here’s a nugget from our conversation:

"I want to have deeper conversations about the things that tend to occupy our time. I don’t want to turn off our feminist or social justice lens to enjoy these things; I think we can enjoy pop culture and have fangirl moments, and at the same time check them and critique them and evaluate what they say about where our culture is and where it’s going…With pop culture, you’re often either completely frivolous, or completely analytical and critical. I always talk about being a critical fan — that’s how I watch TV, that’s how I read books, that’s how I watch movies. I’m always thinking, This brought up a question, or, I don’t really see myself in this, or, This made me feel icky. I want to create a space where we can bring these things forward. A middle ground between the fun and the analytical.”

You can catch all upcoming episodes of SO POPULAR here.

The Advocate - 40 People Who Show 2014 Was a Year for Breaking Gender Rules

We’re proud to see so many trans youth and awesome advocates on this list!
"Ask anyone in LGBT media and they’ll you: Trans visibility is on the upswing in a huge way. Last year The Advocate established a dedicated Transgender channel on this site to better capture how much was and still is going on in the lives and art of trans movers and shakers. The result has been powerful."


project disney | week one: the princess and the frog

➥ day four: favourite scene