Kero-chan on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
~15 month improvement in crochet (and sewing) techniques. Plastic eyes vs felt ftw.

-difference between inside-out and inside-in crochet. (I did not reverse my crochet work with older Kero.)

-difference between crocheting under 1 or 2 loops per stitch. (Older kero was made using the 1 loop sc).

-How yarn quality, thickness and color affects the look of the finished product. (I started out using not-so-pretty yarns for practice and to save money heh.)

-How to join legs and sew on appendages nicely and securely. ‘Nuff said.

-How to make bada$$ pom-poms using a contraption from Clover.

-How to stuff plushies so they look nice, not lumpy. Tight crochet work helps.

-How to do invisible decreases.

-I’m too lazy to design the wings.

I used an old favorite pattern for comparison.