-Italy was left alone as a child and, after he became close to someone, they left as well

-Germany has been hated for most of his life by everyone excepting his family

-Japan was never really accepted or understood

-America is self-conscious about his weight because of constant teasing from other about it

-England has lived most of his life alone or fighting against an enemy

-France is always told that he is weak, useless, gay and many other insulting things

-Russia was bullied as a child and never really knew true love, and is now childishly cruel because of it

-China has become exhausted after centuries of fighting with people and losing loved ones

-Romano always feels insecure due to an inferiority complex with his brother

-Spain has had many people become independent from him

-Prussia writes in a diary because he wants people to believe that he was happy in life

-Canada tries to be loud and stick up for himself but is forgotten most of the time

-Hong Kong has been controlled his whole life and just wants a little independence

-Norway is emotionless because of horrible times in his life

-Sweden is silent because he thinks about other people before himself

-Hungary feels like, in order to be accepted, she can’t act like a boy, like she wants to

-Switzerland was left to fend for himself as a child with few natural resources

-Liechtenstein almost died due to famine and poverty

-Netherlands was poor as a child and now favors money over everything else

-Belgium is intimated by her bigger and flashier neighbors

-Ukraine has a hard time making friends

-Belarus comes off as ‘creepy’ to everyone, and its harder to make friends for her

-Estonia writes a blog to express his emotions easier

-Lithuania works himself hard to help friends, even if he gets nothing in return

-Latvia says whatever comes to mind which makes it hard for him to not make enemies

-Poland is shy towards new people and only opens up around a select few

-Macau fixes other peoples problems before his own

-Sealand just wants to be accepted

And thats just a few. So don’t say that we don’t have sad stuff in our fandom.