"New Year New Me"

I hate that quote, ” new year new me”. Despise it with a very strong passion, mainly because I once lived my life abiding by it. Once the new year started I always vowed to burn bridges, lose weight, be more productive, follow my dreams, blah blah blah, all that typical bullshit. As of this year I realized why wait? Why wait to the start of a new year to act brand new? If you want to change something why procrastinate until a date change?! Do it now! Im a avid believer in new years resolutions, and can gladly say i completed about 75% of my goals for 2014, but i started my 2015 goal list about a month ago and I am on track in completing some of those goals.

With that being said, I now focus on “New year, better me”. Every year is a learning experience, a chance for growth and a better life. This past year I have made MANY mistakes, but I don’t mind because it comes with the territory of trying out new things. For those reading this I have three suggestions for the new year coming up:

1. Create goals for yourself and try out new ventures. Life begins outside of your comfort zone.

2.Find something you are good and and improve on it even more. Dont be good, be great ! 

3.Do more of what makes you happy! 

This was kind of a random ramble but hope it helps lol .Let me know what some of your resolutions are. Im thinking of doing a post with a list of some of my resolutions and goals and my plan to achieve them.