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It’s been a while, but it’s finally here! Right, so if you’re new to the army (welcome, by the way), you may not know what exactly this post is. It’s pretty easy to guess, but I’ll still walk you through everything. This post is the mobilized version of the “Masterlist” page for all those unfortunate enough to be viewing my writing on their mobile devices. We pray constantly for your safe deliverance to a laptop. Stay strong, mobile minions. Anyways, you’ll find links to every piece of writing I’ve posted to this blog listed below by character, genre, and in chronological order with the most recent work first. Everything continued or part of a continued story line is listed on this page in groups of collective stories, and can also be found on the “The Story Continues…” page with additional details such as a brief summary of each installment and the story as a whole, genre sorting (be it fluff or smut), as well as the links listed on this page. Links should open to a new page, so don’t worry about losing your place on your dashboard. Anything you want to read can be found directly below. Be free, my minions. It’s all down there waiting for you.



- “Finals” - “Carve” - “Preference; Comforting Companions” - “Off The Beaten Path” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Eavesdropping” - “Damaged Goods” - “The Pit” - “A Miracle” - “Groceries” - “Use Your Words” - “Can’t Bail On Tradition” - “Preference; Keeping Warm” - “Perfect Length” - “Demon Spawn” - “Ink And Amulet” - “It Suits You” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Tutor” - “A Mutual Confession” - “Ransom” - “Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)” - “Driving Miss Daisy” -“Well, This Is Awkward” - “Underwater” - “Abandon All Hope” - “Choose” - “Control” - “She’s Taken” -“You Have No Idea” - “Don’t Judge A Book” - “Save Me” - “Can’t Have Both” - “Family Don’t End With Blood” - “These Boys…”  - “Sam”


- “A Welcome Distraction” - “Silence In The Shadows” - “Wiggle Room” - “Here’s To Forever”


Continued Imagines: 9 (“Angel Radio” -/-“A New Look” - “A New Approach” -/-“Gone Without A Trace” - “Marco, Polo” -/- “Best Kind Of Liar” - “Little Blue Lines” - “Better Late Than Never” - “Home Delivery Services”)


- “Carve” - “Strictly Professional” - “Preference; Comforting Companions” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Meet The Parents” - “One Foot Over The Line” - “Uh… Mrs. Winchester?” - “Lover, Hunter, Doctor” - “Stay” - “Bubble Bath” - “Hopeless Romantic” - “Soap Suds” - “Preference; Keeping Warm” -“When, Not If” - “Different This Time” - “Heartache” - “Date Night” - “Us… Someday” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Assisted Living” - “Just Studying” - “Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)” - “Honey, I’m Home” - “Broken Bottles” - “Well, This Is Awkward” - “Underwater” - “Responsibility” - “Choose” -“Preference; You’re On Your Period” - “Night Terror” - “Everything Will Be Okay” - “Waiting Up” - “Can’t Have Both” - “Doctor Doctor” - “These Boys…” - “Shortened Tempers” - “A Case Of Fetch” - “Stage Kiss” -Handcuffs” - “Dean”


- “If The Tent’s A Rockin’” - “Losing You…” - “You’re Mine” - “The First Time”


Continued Imagines: 8 (“At First Sight” - “You’re Growing On Me” - “Under His Wing” - “Wandering Thoughts” -/- “In The Name Of The Father” - “Et Filii” -/- “Under The Spotlight” - “Lock And Key”)


- “Love And Let Go” - “Preference; Comforting Companions” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Nicotine”- “I’ll Be Seeing You” - “Prayer And Promise” - “When the Ball Drops” - “If I Had Lost You…” - “You’ll Be In My Arms” - “A Flirtation” - “Seven Minutes In Heaven” - “Under The Influence” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Jump” - “Chains” - “A Heavenly Stranger” - “More Than You Can Chew” - “Bake Day” - “Stars” -“Shoulder To Cry On” - “Overprotective” - “Preference; You’re On Your Period” - “Keeping Company” -“Feeling Human” - “The Fall”


- “Like A Virgin”


Continued Imagines: 5 (“Mr. Lonely” - “Forming Habits” - “Conflicting Emotions” -/- “Come Ten Years…” - “Just A Pinch”)


- “Usurper” - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” - “One Up” - “The Jester King” - “Prince Of Hell” - “Running With The Devil” - “A Proposition”


- “Torture Chamber”



- “Playing Doctor” - “Familiar Face” - “Too Good” - “Designated Flier”



- “From The Fire” - “Breath By Breath” - “Where Have You Been?”


- “Roll Of Thunder”



- “Overworked”


- “Walking On Eggshells”



- “The Great And Powerful Oz”



- “Watch Your Step”


Continued Imagines: 1 (“Parent Slash Guardian Angel”)

felicittysmoakk asked:

Hi, idk if this is just a problem for me but is it possible to make the tags page more accessible on mobile? I'm on my phone and it looks like a list for a few seconds then everything condenses and I can only look at the tags under the section "details".

There’s literally the mobile version called taglist and it’s on our faq, tho? You should check out our FAQ.

Запущена бета-версия дизайна нашего сайта Теперь полностью поддерживаются мобильные устройства. Добро пожаловать!

A new responsive design of (Russian only) has released. Welcome!

TeamLab Mobile: Manage docs the easy way even on the move

Good news for those who want to constantly track project progress regardless of a laptop or office location. TeamLab’s introduced the Documents version for Android and iOS devices becoming a truly mobile management service.

The Mobile Documents provides a number of the most essential features that allow you to view corporate or personal documents, spreadsheets, presentations and images, organize files in a folder structure and make notes in .txt format. The search function makes browsing through documents smooth and easy. Android device users can also upload photos to their TeamLab portal. This way you get an ability to stay on top of your document processing and management chores no matter where you are.*

We will continue to upgrade TeamLab Mobile in the future making it a more complete analogue for the multiple options available in the SaaS version. Meantime, we’re working on the calendar option and CRM module that will be the next TeamLab autumn enhancements. Follow our RSS to be the first to get the news!

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PC (Updated  2015-05-28)

MBC websites’s registering function is working now. Check this tutorial for PC version.

Please use mobile phones to register for an account. mbc website’s registering function isn’t working properly. But mobile version is still working

If you can’t use mobile phones, try this


Step 1 : Visit this link

Step 2 :  Click on the Menu

Step 2 : Click on Register Button

Step 4 : Click Sign Up button on “Domestic & Foreigner Living in Abroad”

Step 5 : Put 2 ticks and Click on blue button

Step 6 :  1. Enter your email and click on 2 send Verification code

You will receive verification code like this

3. enter it on next text field and 4. confirm

Step 7 : Fill the all Details and Click on blue button again (Text fields are invisible. Click on it it will appear)

* ID must have minimum 6 characters (need to be simple letters + numbers)

* Nick name minimum 6 characters

* Password must contain letters and numbers

Before you continue check if you can see these message “사용 가능합니다” (it means Available) under ID, Nick Name and and Password

After that click on the blue button

Step 8 : If you get this screen that means, You are successfully created the account. Now you can vote.

* If you don’t have mobile phone, you can send me your email address, I can make account for you

2. Vote

Step 1: Login

Step 2 : Vote

  • You can vote 3 times
  • Click on Vote button until you see this message

If you have any problem please send me a message :)

Spanish version of the tutorial  Credit : @_SHINeeChile

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TeamLab, a multifunctional web office for business collaboration, document and project management, launches the mobile version of Documents module designed to manage documents workflow directly on your mobile devices.
Due to the latest improvement Teamlab users can view and organize documents, spreadsheets, images or presentations, make notes using mobile Android and iOS devices.

With the Mobile Projects and Community modules already available, TeamLab users can now control all the business processes regardless of location. TeamLab Mobile gives the ability to manage projects, take part in discussions, read corporate or personal documents, keep up to date with team activies and business news.
Providing users with a multi-featured mobile version, TeamLab presents a complete online office suite, accessible from everywhere. To find our more information on TeamLab, please visit

What the fuck Nintendo? That’s not even a game- that’s a kid’s book. Why does Nintendo of Britain have to be so stupid. In fact, why does this country not have access to all the good things like events and merchandise stores? Why is it just America and Japan? Why is it only on the Internet for us? Just because Nintendo isn’t as popular here (ESPECIALLY in North London) doesn’t mean we should only get crappy themes. I don’t want to live in a country where I cannot be with people of my age who are into the same things as me. I just want to live in a place where I can truly express myself and not have to be one of those bitchy girls who only like makeup, boys and being fucking bitches towards anyone who isn’t like them. I literally have one real friend. That’s how bad it is here. I will never consider suicide, but please Nintendo of Britain, make Nintendo appeal to your teenage audience more, cause Nintendo isn’t just about Mario, and Animal Crossing isn’t just for preschoolers. If anything, Animal Crossing is actually better for older audiences as it can calm them and change them for the better. I mean, come on; it was Easter ages ago and yet you’re still advertising Easter on Animal Crossing ON A BABY PROGRAMME. I just want to move. Tumblr is one of the few areas where I can be myself and take my interests to the next level. Why can’t I do that in my own country?

Alright, so apparently whenever I respond to a message in my ask box, it doesn’t respond properly.
The other day, someone sent me a nice, cute lil compliment and I responded, and when I checked my blog, it showed that I had responded to something COMPLETELY different.
And just yesterday, I responded to somebody with a few cute little characters and a thank you and I said something in response and it only showed one singular character I had put and the rest disappeared.
Now, I’m on my phone so it may or may not be my phone just not showing me the correct things. But if it really is just posting awkwardly like it seems to be, just know that I’m sorry to anybody who sends me a message or an ask or anything because apparently, I can’t respond to it at the current moment in time.

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