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Just a reminder. I have to physically copy-paste your username into the post when I receive your submissions, and can only do that on the computer version of tumblr. The mobile version doesn’t even let me know who made the submission, so I have to wait until I’m on a computer before I can publish the art. 

While in the dashboard, the submitter’s name appears, people browsing the aprildrawing page itself don’t see it. Remember to add your name in your submission for full credit! 

anonymous asked:

Have you considered making a phone app for your site at some point? :)

I can’t say I won’t be, but not anytime soon no, there is however a mobile version of the site.

Everyone who reblogs this will get a drawing of mine based of the inspiration of your URL, as a little Christmas present :3 I just started drawing, and I love it! Must be following me, and be a fandom blog.

ALSO. Please send me an ask saying you’re a new follower to make it easy on me, but I’ll also doublecheck. I will try to get everyone’s picture done as soon as i can! May take up to a month, im sorry! First 100 notes will get a drawing :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE GREATEST FRIENDS I HAVE HERE, blamedorange!!!! She constantly makes me laugh with her amazing humour, no matter how weird and eccentric it may be. :p

Have a doodle of your ultimate OTP you nerd I love you platonically!! ;D

Find the coupling fanart for this from n-a-d-h-i-e and fanfic by snogfairy because we’re all the Lyredy queen’s minions too. ;w;

Poets, do not fall in love with me.
I am no muse.

I will not taste like red lipstick or regret when you kiss me for the first time.
I will be neither a sinner nor a saint,
I do not warrant extended metaphor.
My eyes are not the shade of anything special,
The roses in my cheeks have wilted and died.

When we are no longer we,
I will not stop writing about you.
Poems about your laughter will drip from my pen past midnight years later.
Even I will find them trite.

I am unbeknownst to Erato,
I am a stranger to Calliope.
Poets, do yourself a favor.
Find someone who is the beautiful kind of broken.

—  You couldn’t write a single stanza about my smile.

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