Change in the wind

Ladies and gents!

I felt a change was needed for the mobile version of my blog, it ‘twas getting a bit stale.

I hope you enjoy it! Tell me what ya’ll think.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE GREATEST FRIENDS I HAVE HERE, blamedorange!!!! She constantly makes me laugh with her amazing humour, no matter how weird and eccentric it may be. :p

Have a doodle of your ultimate OTP you nerd I love you platonically!! ;D

Find the coupling fanart for this from n-a-d-h-i-e and fanfic by snogfairy because we’re all the Lyredy queen’s minions too. ;w;

Everyone who reblogs this will get a drawing of mine based of the inspiration of your URL, as a little Christmas present :3 I just started drawing, and I love it! Must be following me, and be a fandom blog.

ALSO. Please send me an ask saying you’re a new follower to make it easy on me, but I’ll also doublecheck. I will try to get everyone’s picture done as soon as i can! May take up to a month, im sorry! First 100 notes will get a drawing :)

Poets, do not fall in love with me.
I am no muse.

I will not taste like red lipstick or regret when you kiss me for the first time.
I will be neither a sinner nor a saint,
I do not warrant extended metaphor.
My eyes are not the shade of anything special,
The roses in my cheeks have wilted and died.

When we are no longer we,
I will not stop writing about you.
Poems about your laughter will drip from my pen past midnight years later.
Even I will find them trite.

I am unbeknownst to Erato,
I am a stranger to Calliope.
Poets, do yourself a favor.
Find someone who is the beautiful kind of broken.

—  You couldn’t write a single stanza about my smile.

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