it was really dark and it was before me and kenny started dating and we were at seaworld for some reason

and we were looking at the orcas but they weren’t moving at all and all i could think of is how badly you said the folks at seaworld treat the poor things

then kenny said he was going off to hook up with some girl and some other stuff i don’t really remember and i just stayed quiet during the dream and it’s kind of odd since im usually such a chatterbox

How Esther Muchemi’s early bet on the growth of mobile telecoms paid off

In 2000 there were just 10m mobile phone subscribers in Africa. The industry was just picking up and the pricey gadgets were still a preserve of the rich. And although it was thought the industry had positive prospects, few people anticipated the kind of growth that has been witnessed in the last decade.

It was around this time that Esther Muchemi quit her 20-year career as an auditor to open a shop selling airtime, mobile phones and SIM cards. People around her were shocked. “They were wondering why anyone would leave a well-paying and prestigious job to become a shopkeeper, a dukawalla. Starting Samchi Telecom was literally opening a shop,” she recalls.

Samchi Group today runs three telecom companies operating close to 55 outlets across Kenya. The group also has interests in serviced offices, financial services and hospitality.

Over the years Samchi Telecom has worked with mobile network operator Safaricom and was the pioneer dealer to roll out mobile money transfer service M-Pesa. The company has been ranked by Safaricom as the top M-Pesa agent and airtime dealer in the country, and this year Muchemi was a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards’ Eastern Africa chapter.

“I always ask myself, ‘how would my life be if I never made that move?’. I am able to educate my children in the best universities wherever in the world. I am able to give back to society and I have created more than 500 jobs. I think not taking that step would have been a big regret in my life,” says Muchemi.

The Samchi Group CEO says she was inspired to venture into entrepreneurship because she could see immense opportunity in the telecoms industry.