Close-ups with iPhones, a gallery on Flickr.

This gallery is inspired by the olloclip group on Flickr, featuring macro iphoneography.

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Photos by DMurray82, jilllian2, Hilco666, and Tobias Abrudsky.

My favorite list I’ve been making so far for the wedding is food. And I can’t wait to have Buddy from Cake Boss make it. It’s going to be very good. Of course, cake tasting is a must before we decide on a flavor. Haha. But that won’t need to get done until closer to the wedding date so we’re safe.

Strange Town (closed RP with overseerofthemist)

Karl was walking in the dead of night, the moon shined down upon him as he walks. it was a bit chilly outside but being a statue that didn’t harm him one bit, around this strange part of a town that he ventured into. Strange, he usually wasn’t the kind for venturing unto different parts, but this placed seemed interesting. His eyes dart back and fourth as he watches the ally ways and everywhere else that “humans” may be hidding. This place was strange, and even he had a wired feeling to this place. What was about this place that made him..uneasy? He ventured on more and deeper and deeper into the town. He kept his hands behind his back, Arma flying overhead and than landed on Karl’s head. After a few silent moment, he finally says.
“Deary me Arma, how ever did we get here..?” He asked in a most curious way “This doesn’t seem like our destination…” He spoke to himself and the crow who calmy blinked and nodded.

“Aha, do not worry Arma we shall find our way out..but there is something off about this place, and I can’t place my finger on it…” He holds his finger to his chin as he ventured

Deeper and deeper into the city, not knowing what was in store for him. Or who was in store for him.

So today in my freshmen welcome to college class we had a short sex ed lesson.

Now I go to a really conservative school and a bunch of people were uncomfortable. so I was the only one to take a free condom (you should have seen other people’s faces lol)

Little did they know my plan was to make a balloon animal.

Or at least I tried, it didn’t work out so well. So I just blew it up, took a sharpie and drew on it instead. I drew a penguin.

Pete the penguin.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Road!

(Turn on the volume!) Kudos Volkswagen. What a brilliant way to communicate how risky it is to use mobile phones while driving.