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What do you think, about Nalu/Nali fanfics where Lucy/Lisanna are constantly shown as a manipulative person. The same with Graylu fics where Juvia is a cheating and betraying bitch.

I think they should be burned to a crisp and never seen again. Or, you know, deleted from eveything. They go against the characters themselves and Fairy Tail’s main theme: friendship. Ship GrayLu or NaLi or whatever you want but don’t change canon personalities without good reason to do so.

Animal Dash Production Diary 3

Hello followers!

Sorry for the radio silence, We’ve been really busy with the trailer. Lots of new exciting things to show off though! We’ve started the first few shots of animation, check out this 3 shot sequence of two animals playing with a ball.


You’ve have to excuse the quality of the video, we call this low quality video a playblast, and its helpful for reviewing the animation before we send the shot to lighting and rendering (where it gets made pretty). As a point of interest, check out how it compares to the animatic (explained in a previous post) 


Nick’s drawings are really cute and I hope the animation has the same vibe as his sketch.

Heres something you haven’t seen before! The villain of the film, the Chef!


Not much to say about him other than look at him run!!

Can’t wait to show off some more, and I hope everyones looking forward to the trailer! Back soon!

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Somewhere along the line, I started feeling guilty about writing things that made me happy. They were just for me, to help me deal with my fantasies and escapism issues... but then I just kind of... stopped. Because I'm scared of something, I don't know. Is there an age where writing self-insert fics and wish-fulfillment pieces becomes unacceptable, even if those are private things just for yourself?

Of course not. Fiction is fiction, there are adults who write and publish fanfiction and you can sure bet that there are others who write fics like you. In private, dealing with their own inhibitions. People write character x reader fics all the time and TONS of people read them. Not me, but that’s how I am. Other people like to imagine what it would be like. If you have a healthy imagination you should write. If it makes you happy and helps you cope please keep writing.

Robin Wauters:

Still, people continue to read more email on Apple-manufactured devices than any other device or platform. According to the study, Mac computers, iPhones and iPads were used to open 358 million SendGrid-delivered emails in the last year, compared to 320 million emails on Windows.

While the data is Europe-specific in this case, it’s interesting to think/see how many people primarily interact with email on their phones and/or tablets now. Certainly, it’s the main way I do. Since I always have one of those devices on me.