if you haven’t you should, part v

Fifth installment of my Olicity-centric Arrow fanficition recommendations; parts I, II, III, and IV.

  1. Long Way Down series by Abbie. This series is an alternative to season three of Arrow. Weeks after Team Arrow has taken down Slade Wilson, Felicity is abducted. Her captor: Tommy Merlyn. While not exactly an Olicity series, I couldn’t resist because it’s a Tommy lives story and he’s a member of the League of Assassins.
  2. FF #29: Starling Holiday by SmoakMonster. This Arrow-AU one-shot cast Olicity in a Roman Holiday (one of my all-time favorite movies) situation – Felicity is a princess looking to experience Starling City as any normal visitor would and Oliver is a down on his luck reporter who stumbles upon the story of a lifetime.
  3. can’t escape this now by callistawolf. This is an Arrow mob AU story. After returning from exile in Russia, Oliver is set to take over the family’s business – of the legal and not so legal variety. To help his image, and keep him from Malcolm Merlyn’s machinations, Moira Queen decides it’s time for Oliver to take a wife and she has the perfect girl in mind: Felicity Smoak.
  4. Nothing Newsworthy by thatmasquedgirl. A season one Arrow AU one-shot where Oliver is still the Vigilante and is dealing with a very persistent online journalist – Felicity Smoak – who insists on covering his exploits.
  5. The Reluctant Queen by December_Daughter. In this AU Arrow story Felicity is on the run from her mob boss father, seeking protection she turns to a captain in the Bratva: Oliver Queen. Or what happens when Felicity blackmails Oliver into marriage.
  6. ruby red slippers (unavailable in her size) by sarcastic_fina. This Arrow/MCU one-shot finds Felicity and Darcy switching universes and dealing with each others very overprotective boyfriends freaking out. (Note: Yes, I have a weakness for crossover stories that feature Felicity Smoak and Darcy Lewis and I am NOT ashamed to admit it. In fact, there should be more of them!)
  7. How the Mighty Fall (in Love) by Abbie & RosieTwiggs. In this AU Arrow one-shot, demon Felicity Smoak and angel Oliver Queen are fighting over Tommy Merlyn’s soul aka porn battle for Tommy’s soul. One of the most unique and smuttiest AUs ever, but so awesome.
  8. you might be surprised (i get a little dangerous) by shineyma. Bratva!Oliver Arrow AU. The power dynamics in the arranged marriage of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are always shifting.
  9. Like a Dog With a Bone by gnimaerd. This another vampire Arrow AU one-shot (with Vampire!Oliver) told from Diggle’s point of view as he accidentally walks in on Oliver feeding from Felicity.
  10. Just Us from the (We Should Just Kiss) Like Real People Do collection by Bre. The Summer of Olicity is coming to end much to Oliver’s annoyance – thanks Ray Palmer – and the Porsche has broken down on their way back to Starling City. On top of it all off, two yahoos at the dive bar they are stuck waiting in are trying to flirt with Felicity. HOT bathroom smut ensues.
  11. Lengths by RosieTwiggs. Canon divergent for Arrow season two, with Oliver falling apart Felicity looks into alternative methods to help him after a suggestion from Sara. Warnings: D/s relationship and BDSM.
  12. Are you the bug guy? by MachaSWicket. This AU Arrow drabble is just too adorably funny – warning there is some seriously priceless Felicity babbling here – plus I totally understand Felicity’s fears of spiders.
  13. Razzle Red by holysmoaksoliver. This Arrow AU is a part of the Arrow Movie AU Challenge and is based on 13 Going on 30. 13-year-old Oliver Queen wakes up in his 30-year-old body and nothing makes sense, especially the lack of his best friend – Felicity Smoak – being in his life.
  14. Sportsmanlike Conduct by mogirl97. In this Arrow/Flash crossover AU Felicity is freshman at Starling University; one night her roommate/BFF Iris West (and her boyfriend Barry Allen) insist Felicity join them at a school hockey game. From there senior and star-center Oliver Queen catches her eye. Olicity + hockey = PURE HAPPINESS.

anonymous asked:

If it were my last night on earth and I could only read one more thing, I would choose to read the sequel to cello suites :) Obviously I know you're busy and have other stuff to write, but the first one was so wonderfully perfect and I've re read it so many times. I'm wondering if you're open to writing a sequel? :)

Hi there! Thank you for the kind message, and I’m so glad to hear you like it so much. I did plot out a sequel here. I may write it sometime, but it’s not at the top of my list right now. 

What is at the top of my list? Now seems as good a time as any to share my WIP list: 


  1. Mob AU, Kane/Toews. Almost done, should go to beta within 1-2 weeks. 
  2. Sid/Geno exchange fic, due by June 15
  3. Collab with Kay, Kane/Toews
  4. Always a girl collab with exmanhater, Kane/Toews


  1. follower giveaway, Sid/Geno (I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN, I SWEAR)
  2. Tug verse, Jonny’s dream vacation
  3. Woke up in an alternate universe, Kane/Toews


  1. Slave AU, Kane/Toews
  2. always a girl Jamie Benn, Jamie/?
  3. engaged always a girl Jonny

And then I have some other tumblr snippets that I may or may not someday expand on, plus whatever new ideas strike me and/or trololoception makes me write. 

an au with mob boss peter and stiles acting like peter’s eye candy, when really he’s peter’s right hand

stiles takes great pleasure in the look of surprise on his victims’ faces

(And always laughs when they use their last breath to say, “I thought you were decorative!”)

peter enjoys how horny stiles gets after a successful kill

(peter also loves the part where he gets to dress stiles up to the nines, and then undress him later)


mob au 1|2-  sidney crosby’s new objective is clear: bring down the newest russian mob which is wreaking havoc in his city

Hey! Rochi here introducing a new AU created by white-cr0w called “GDA Mafia AU/Mob AU” This AU is still in development, but you can find all that you need to know in this document (which will be located at the bottom of this post.) It will include the general story, how to join, and the masterlist.

If you have any questions, please ask me! I will do my best to answer (but I can’t promise I have all the answers since I’m not the one who created this AU haha)

>> HAVE FUN!! <<

Mob AU || Starter for demondispel


“At least it’s a nice house…” Grell mumbled to herself as she arrived at the large home. She kept reminding herself that she was here for the good of her father and it wouldn’t be for forever. Hopefully.

She walked up the sidewalk slowly, trying to make her freedom last for as long as possible. Once the redhead finally arrived at the front door, she knocked meekly. “Hello?”

For Mafia/Mob AU!!


  • Eldest of the twins
  • Works as an informant/information broker for the Japanese Family (she can also give out information under the table to other families, though she’d raise prices for them, wow)
  • Both were born and raised within the Japanese Family
  • Specializes in guns as well as throwing knives.
  • SOMETIMES will do side jobs as a mercenary with Namie if really needed.
  • Actually has a decent relationship with Namie, though she teases and bullies her a lot.
  • Never has a braid in her hair unlike Namie.
  • Flirty trash
  • Not afraid to use her appearance to get what she wants.
  • Wears matching single earring on her left ear.
  • Dyed her hair ombre style to make herself different.
  • Has a single red dragon tattoo around her right arm.


  • Youngest of the twins.
  • Knows to fight within close range; knowing some Baguazhang (despite it being Chinese Namie still tried to learn) as well as knowing her way through pressure points (both to heal/relax or to immobilize).
  • Usually always following quietly behind Mia.
  • SOMETIMES will do side jobs as a mercenary with Mia if really needed. Never is the one to kill.
  • Personality wise she’s p much the same as usual though a bit more cheerful-ish
  • Not to pleased with living in the Mafia and would love to leave– but Mia won’t let her.
  • Likes cute things and people but too embarrassed to show it around most people.
  • Gets shy and fidgety around males her age. Conceal, don’t feel.
  • Wears matching single earring on her right ear.
  • Had the right side of her hair buzzed off to make herself different from Mia.
  • Has a vine garden tattoo thingy on her back


ignore the tattoos they don’ t  e x is t  li ke i ’m sos  o r r y i kept look ing th rough google and f ound some pre tt y ones (though the one on mia i just threw on like Kari’s ca use like the pics i was s ee ing the y wer eall tatted up and i’m just na h–…. gome n)

A heart-to-heart - MOB AU-closed rp

Seno set down the tea and biscotti, placing the cups and spoons just so as he’d done so many times before out of habit. He sat down across from Harpo, who though often usually seemed very ‘in control’ so to speak, looked a little like a wreak.

Seno poured tea for the two of them; just the two of them since their mistresses were off doing who knows what- and pushed a cup toward harpo. “Drink. You look like you need to relax.”

Arrow AU: 1940s Mob (Gangster Squad Inspired)

The Queen Gang and the Merlyn Mafia run Starling City without respite, unopposed by the weak police and powerful through fear and money. No one dares rise up to fight and they’re left in ‘peace’. Until Robert Queen is murdered by Malcolm Merlyn and Tommy Merlyn accidentally killed in the process.

As Merlyn lusts for full control over the City, Oliver decides to gain revenge and avenge his father’s death by gathering his best men and forming a strike-back gang. Consisting of Diggle - the ex-soldier, 'Speedy’ - the beautiful con artist and Roy - the muscle, Merlyn’s every further advance is defeated.

Full-out war brews between the Queens and Merlyns and just before Starling will face ultimate destruction, Oliver meets Felicity Smoak, brilliant genius and call-girl of Malcolm. As he falls for her, will all of their efforts become even more so damned or will she remind them of what they need to fight for?

Guns Don't Kill People. The Mobs Do || Mob AU || Inari-Okama

Cj made her way down the street, eyes forward, an emotionless look on her face that warned everyone not to mess with her. The glint in her black eyes was a dangerous one an the silver circles laced throughout held a malicious purpose. Being the daughter of the most infamous Mob in Night Vale, she didn’t have a reason to fear anything. When she said Jump, nobody even questioned how high. They would already know or they wouldn’t be able to jump again. She didn’t try to flaunt herself off though, knowing that there was more than likely, another mob coming for her. But she would know if they had gotten in. Words spread fast. Especially when you owned the radio station.

fic: can’t escape this now (Olicity, ch 2/?, rated M)

can’t escape this now by callistawolf
Chapters: 2/? (4347 words)
Fandom: Arrow (TV 2012)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak, Moira Queen, Thea Queen, Tommy Merlyn, Helena Bertinelli, Carrie Cutter, Malcolm Merlyn
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Mob, Alternate Universe - Arranged Marriage, No island, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Eventual Smut, Tropey as hell
Summary: Oliver Queen, scion of a wealthy and powerful family, returns home from his exile to Russia to find that his mother has plans for his future that he wants no part of. Unfortunately, it’s not really up to him and neither is it up to Felicity Smoak, who is about to find out what sort of man her father truly is. MOB AU

Chapter Summary: Felicity faces the music and meets her future spouse for the first time.

Author’s Notes: Thank you to EVERYONE for the outpouring of support for this chapter! I’m so glad you’re all excited for it. I’m currently in the middle of chapter 10 and everyone’s enthusiasm is very motivating for me. For a long time, I wasn’t sure I was going to post this. When I first started planning and writing it, back in September, there weren’t a lot of mob-related AU fics out there. Of course, that changed very quickly (most of them focusing on Bratva, but still mob-related) and I started to worry that I might step on toes by posting my own. This is *not* Bratva, more just a generic mob family type setting. I was inspired, first and foremost, by The Godfather (as evidenced by Oliver’s exile after committing murder) with a little dash of Beauty and the Beast thrown in. :) It’s a strange combination, to be sure.

This is what you were all looking forward to after last chapter: Felicity meets Oliver! Though, if you want my personal opinion, their interaction in chapter 3 is what really gets this party started! I should have that for you on Tuesday!

Once again, thanks to mersayseh for looking over these chapters for me. She’s been the biggest cheerleader for this story!

You can also read this chapter (and subscribe to updates) on Ao3.

“This is unbelievable,” Felicity Smoak muttered, clutching her handbag and glaring out the windshield as her father steered them past sprawling estates.  "I can’t believe you would put me in this position.“  Or that she’d let him put her in this position.  The last place she wanted to be right now was in her dad’s car on the way to the Queen mansion to meet with the grand matriarch and her erstwhile, philandering son.  Especially since that meeting was supposed to end with their engagement.

It was like something out of a nightmare.  

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