Can all the people that are sitting outside 5sos's hotel just leave them alone.

If you already met ¼ or more of 5sos please just leave.
I read on Twitter that last night Calum walked out of the front of the hotel and a few girls ran after him. I don’t know if it’s true. But still just STOP!!! Don’t chase after them it’s fucking stupid. And it’s scary. Especially for the person you are chasing.
Please don’t mob them. Like really think about the whole fandom here. You are ruining a chance of meeting them, for everyone. Think before you act.
Guess what I’m saving up my money to get VIP tickets for the next year. I suggest you do that. I am going to start babysitting and a ton of other stuff. So I can earn that money. I don’t know if I will get enough in time for next year but if I don’t then I guess I will ask my parents to barrow some money and pay them back when I get it or take some money out of my savings account.
I think if you guys want to meet them. Think of other ways to meet them instead of following them around and stuff. I know I was saying I wanted to maybe do that once. But I don’t think I am going to. I don’t want to ruin other fans chances of meeting them. Plus u am a girl that doesn’t like getting in trouble a lot. Yeah.

Anyways just stop with this.
Pretend you are in their shoes.

If I actually went somewhere with music and I got famous. I would want to meet all of my fans. But if I had people mobbing me or chasing me. I wouldn’t really want to go out in public. I would be scared AF to even go outside because there is a chance of getting mobbed. Do you understand what I am saying?

Mob AU || Starter for demondispel


“At least it’s a nice house…” Grell mumbled to herself as she arrived at the large home. She kept reminding herself that she was here for the good of her father and it wouldn’t be for forever. Hopefully.

She walked up the sidewalk slowly, trying to make her freedom last for as long as possible. Once the redhead finally arrived at the front door, she knocked meekly. “Hello?”

Arrow AU: 1940s Mob (Gangster Squad Inspired)

The Queen Gang and the Merlyn Mafia run Starling City without respite, unopposed by the weak police and powerful through fear and money. No one dares rise up to fight and they’re left in ‘peace’. Until Robert Queen is murdered by Malcolm Merlyn and Tommy Merlyn accidentally killed in the process.

As Merlyn lusts for full control over the City, Oliver decides to gain revenge and avenge his father’s death by gathering his best men and forming a strike-back gang. Consisting of Diggle - the ex-soldier, 'Speedy’ - the beautiful con artist and Roy - the muscle, Merlyn’s every further advance is defeated.

Full-out war brews between the Queens and Merlyns and just before Starling will face ultimate destruction, Oliver meets Felicity Smoak, brilliant genius and call-girl of Malcolm. As he falls for her, will all of their efforts become even more so damned or will she remind them of what they need to fight for?

Premise stuff for the Steven Universe Mob Au Fic

ayyyy here’s the ideas have fun kids

So what I have rn
Two gangs

The Crystal Gems-
A gang under the late (or rather, “missing”) Rose Quartz, a mob boss well known for her courtesy. Currently resides in the lofts above and catacombs below the Beach City Club in New York.

Garnet- the group’s muscle. The big daughter of two former sidewomen of Rose. Stoic, but has a playful side. Can never resist a joke, but talks with her fists. In Rose’s absence, she acts as the group’s leader and provider, as well as a mother figure to the blossoming Steven.

Pearl- the group negotiator. A player of words and a close watcher of the market, she knows how to get the best resources and when. She also books and supplies for crap games. Elegant, soft-spoken, worries a great amount, but means well.

Amethyst: A spy for the Crystal Gems, specializes in disguises. Takes the constant ruse of a club dancer, easily excitable, loves to have fun and not clean, which gets her into verbal scraps with Pearl, that range in size depending on the day. Uses her poisoned lipgloss to kill any unnecessary blokes that get in her way.

Steven- the son of Rose Quartz. Optimistic, caring, very genuine. Loves music and dancing, constantly having to be pulled out of harm’s way at clubs and diners. Steven enjoys singing and the gems will never pass up joining in when he does. He will always find the good in a person, no matter what they’ve done. The Gems find many of Rose’s mannerisms within the young boy and hope to condition him as a Mob Boss one day, like his mother.

The Homeworld Gems-
A rival gang to The Crystal Gems. They come from the same organization as The Crystal Gems. Serve under a mysterious authority, “The Diamonds”. Little is known about them. The gang resides in the catacombs of the Yellow Diamond Bar (New York).

Jasper- The group muscle. The self-proclaimed “leader” in the absence of the Diamonds. Responds to almost every situation with violence. Not well liked by her colleagues, making for a pretty dysfunctional gang. Drinks too much. Ranks the worst for the gang in social situations. Not around too much.

Lapis- A club performer and undercover gang member. “Wilting flower” personality, tends to be very silly in the presence of someone other than Jasper. Her makeup always looks unusual (but very beautiful) because she never uses a mirror to apply it. Hm. Good at singing, doesn’t want to be wrapped up in the gang business, but she is. Excellent with a switchblade.

Peridot- a former technician and inventor, now working under the Diamonds. Outlandishly skilled at gambling and betting (mostly on peculiar things or anything math related), is the main supplier of the Homeworld Gems’ funds. Cynical, a realist, easily flustered. Hates it when people mess with her stuff. Weak in the arms but nimble and skilled with a pistol. Hates sharp objects.

A heart-to-heart - MOB AU-closed rp

Seno set down the tea and biscotti, placing the cups and spoons just so as he’d done so many times before out of habit. He sat down across from Harpo, who though often usually seemed very ‘in control’ so to speak, looked a little like a wreak.

Seno poured tea for the two of them; just the two of them since their mistresses were off doing who knows what- and pushed a cup toward harpo. “Drink. You look like you need to relax.”

Guns Don't Kill People. The Mobs Do || Mob AU || Inari-Okama

Cj made her way down the street, eyes forward, an emotionless look on her face that warned everyone not to mess with her. The glint in her black eyes was a dangerous one an the silver circles laced throughout held a malicious purpose. Being the daughter of the most infamous Mob in Night Vale, she didn’t have a reason to fear anything. When she said Jump, nobody even questioned how high. They would already know or they wouldn’t be able to jump again. She didn’t try to flaunt herself off though, knowing that there was more than likely, another mob coming for her. But she would know if they had gotten in. Words spread fast. Especially when you owned the radio station.

light ‘em up // for the AH GTA/mob AU (12 tracks | listendownload)

i. glory and gore lorde || ii. backwoods company the wild feathers || iii. god’s gonna cut you down johnny cash || iv. death valley fall out boy || v. a good idea at the time ok go || vi. loud pipes ratatat || vii. city hollywood undead || viii. let’s kill tonight panic! at the disco || ix. black kari kimmel || x. seven devils florence + the machine || xi. animals muse || xii. my songs know what you did in the dark fall out boy

Visitation Rights || w/Knock-Knockinginthedark [Mob AU]

Three days straight of insulin shock therapy took a toll on the body. Waverly awoke from her drug-induced coma one morning, hardly even able to use her own legs, but as the day went on, she was starting to feel somewhat alive again. They kept her numb and dumb, but not dumb enough to realize where she was.

The last time she had seen this place, she was eighteen years old and her big brother had used trickery and blackmail to get her out. This time, he would do no such thing. Fergus heard of her hospitalization, sure, but at this point he figured it would be good for her. Good for her.

And so, when she heard she had a visitor, Waverly’s heart gave a little leap inside her chest. Had Fergus changed her mind?

All the way there, she held her nose up. “I’m g-going to get out.” she said with a smirk as the guard led her to the meet room. He just nodded with a little murmur of “Whatever you say, toots.”

The room was brightly lit in the center, with two chairs and a table between them. Waverly was put in one, a belt wrapped around her shoulders to keep her in the chair. “This isn’t necessary, you know.” She said, but her words were ignored.

She sat patiently, waiting for her visitor…the shadow in the doorway didn’t look like her brother’s.