question/tag thing

i was tagged by emily-x99 thank you xx, Rule 1: always post the rules. Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 11 new ones. Rule 3: Tag and link 11 people. Rule Number 4: tell them you tagged them.

My answers:

1: whats the longest time you stayed up? like 22 hours 

2:are you allergic to anything, if so what? nope

3:most used social media website? Tumblr

4:least favorite song? come and get it- Selena Gomez

5:favorite T.V show? Family Guy

6: something you regret not doing? i regret not keeping my hair short cause now that its longer i’m to scared to cut it again 

7:whats a fact that other people don’t know about you? i like to eat lemon and orange peel, is that weird?

8:one thing you’re scared of? THE DARK

9: favorite emoji: i use the poop one alot

10:favorite you-tubers? DANISNOTONFIRE DEFINITELY 

11: what would you change your name to? i have a really weird name which i shall not be revealing so i would change it to anything really if i could

my questions to you guys:

1:how long do you take in the shower?

2:what color do you want your hair to be?

3:whats your favorite app?

4:what phone do you have?

5:how tall are you?

6:are you a heavy sleeper?

7:do you have any piercings/ tattoos? if so what and where are they?

8:whats the last song you listened to?

9:what are your favorite pizza toppings?

10:where do you wish you could live and why?

11: whats a bad habit that you have?

these are the people that i tag: cyberbieber givingmichaelhugs ashtonsbuttcheeks cause-im-tight-and-im-bright lukeishotwut 5sauceash ashtons-moansss calum-leftnipple socialcasualtitty michaelkeeford @lukable