After almost a decade of waiting, Linkin Park finally came back to Manila to conquer the Arena wherein thousands and thousands of manic LP fans screamed, jumped and rocked their souls with the band. Considered as one of the highlights of the Philippine concert scene this year, the show proved to be a riotous success as the Arena burst with multitudes of people from the moshpit up to the upper boxes. Without a shadow of doubt, the evening turned out to be one of the most unforgettable concerts that Manila had ever experienced.

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Linkin Park… where do I even begin?

I’m alive! Excessively so, actually. I was at the right side (facing the stage), 4th to 6th row. (It varies because of the pushing and jumping and other usually abnormal frantic concert behavior, all of which I had indulged myself into doing.) 

Their setlist was a blast: Papercut, A Place for My Head, Shadow of the Day, Bleed It Out, In the End, Numb, Faint,etc etc etc. 

…And this: I got to touch Chester’s hand when he came down during One Step Closer, screaming “shut up when I’m talking to you”. His hand was cold as ice. That split second was just out of this world.

Also, I almost got Rob’s drumsticks which made me feel like Jam at the end of Detroit Rock City, but unfortunately, the fat guy who caught the other end went haywire and shoved me. (That rude piece of shit!)

Regardless, it was all so, so epic.

As a kid, I could only imagine being in one of Linkin Park’s concerts as I watched their music videos and listened to their songs on loop. Seeing them right in front of me was just a dream made real. 


P.S. I got to touch Chester Bennington’s hand. 

Linkin Park | Living Things World Tour: Live in Manila | MOA Arena | August 13, 2013

As it turned out, the most decent band shot I could get was this. (Err.. not all that sorry.)


Julie Anne San Jose: Hologram The Concert [Unofficial] Plug Vid

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Julie Anne invites you to watch her upcoming concert, HOLOGRAM at the MoA Arena.

JULIE ANNE SAN JOSE: HOLOGRAM Dec. 13, 2014 │ 8:00pm │ SM MoA Arena

i’m hoping there’s something better than this kasi major event for her career ang HOLOGRAM. she deserves it.



it’s overwhelming to see people getting pumped up and excited to worship the Lord on a Friday! Ang daming tao and maraming youth na umattend. I’m mega stoked to have attended my first concert in 2015😁  (hoping this isnt the last) Blessing talaga yung mabigyan ng free VIP tix! may downside nga lang pag nasa harapan-grabe yung “BOOM” ang lakas! lol.

ang fun ngung start kasi nagbigay ng freebies-and perks ng malapit sa stage, dad snatched a No Other Name CD💿 :) cool! tapos, may kareoke contest thingy na nangyari. astig nga ng contestants eh, I mean pinoy rin sila. yung winner eh may chance pang maki jam nung mga bandang huling part ng concert. epic! hahaha! I believe, “Moises” yung name ng winner. :) ang energetic ni kuya!

since No Other Name tour, they mostly performed songs from the album. My personal fave is Broken Vessels. Im in love w their version of Amazing Grace-hands down. Plus, we literally danced and grooved the night away with fast tracks including, Cornerstone, Running, One Way, and Relentless!👌haha.  Super asttiig! :)👊 everyone was just lifting up their hands in worship! 🙌 we are beyond blessed to have the freedom to worship our God!