Meet Mo Parker

    A Chicago Area Photographer, graphic designer and mixed media artist making a name for herself in the Chicago music, graffiti and MMA scene and one of the contributing artists for the gallery show “The Show” that will be held at Modest in Forest Park IL on August 24,2013. Let’s take a few minutes to sit down get to know her and her work a little better.


TS: Who influences you?

MP: Im influenced by so many being a photographer and graphic designer I am influenced by designers like Matt Moore and many graffiti artists. On the photography side I am influenced by Joel Grimes, Derick G, and S Dot to name a few . Im influenced by music and the way it makes me feel so I always play it while im shooting to invoke a mood.

 TS: How long have you been an artist/photographer?

MP: I can say I have been a artist and a photography for my whole life drawing and taking pics of whatever but, it was always just a hobby until about 6 or years ago I started taking it serious.

TS: How do you define your style?

MP: Man how can I define my style I got a hybrid style I would say I’m a clean grungy photographer lol if that makes sense. I like to tell a story with whatever I’m shooting but I can’t really just concrete define myself I like so many styles but I love catching natural moments they make for the best pictures.

TS: What can your fans expect from you in this showing?

MP: The fans can definitely expect something new a new dimension to my photos where each angle is a new piece, along with my traditional Photography with a little twist. It’s amazing how creative you can be when there are no guidelines and no expectations just unleash my mind to the world, LOL.

TS: What are you expecting from this show?

MP: I’m expecting a great time meet a lot of people and just enjoy this opportunity with my people, Sergio and Tarynn are two very talented people and I’m glad they could do this with me, I think our styles will make for a great variety of work. Oh and thanks to Modest. For giving us the space to unleash our creativity. This being my first show I’m just excited to get my name out there in the art world to show what I can do. So come out and support us on August 24th.

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IG: @moparker_photos


A Moment with MMA Fighter Dinisio Gilbert

  In my travels I am blessed to meet people from many different back grounds and on truly different paths. Today I shot Total Fight Challenge’s recently crowned Light Heavy weight champ Dinisio Gilbert a member of the No Comment Fighting Team. With a record of 6-4-0 Dinisio is a young amateur fighter that is eagerly making his way through the ranks on his way to a professional career. Have a few words from Dinisio himself:

Mo: How did you get in to the MMA?

Dinisio: I started MMA once I graduated from high school I wanted to continue my wrestling at the college level but once my scholarship was taken away I wanted to continue doing sports and doing something that was competitive. I was interested in MMA for a long time and I just decided to just give it a shot. I wanted to just do only one fight but after having my first fight I liked the sport more and more.

Mo: How do you feel about winning the belt?
Dinisio:  I’m very excited for winning the belt, I wanted a title fight for a long time I always kept having thoughts of winning a belt for the first time and what I would do once I finally won one. Now, since I got a belt I’m just trying to stay focus and positive and trying not to let the belt get to my head and take me out of fighting mentality. I’m a Champ now but, I can’t let it stop me or change my personality I’m going to continue to train and fight hard and just prepare myself for my next upcoming title fight. 

Mo: Do you have and if you do what is your favorite strike or submission?
Dinisio:   I love to stand and just brawl it out with all my opponents, but far as having a favorite submission I don’t really have one I just fight and which ever one I can do at that time is the one I would chose. I come from a wrestling background but I want to try different things while I’m still a amateur right now but, not swaying away from my wrestling using it every now and then but continuing to train hard and learn different things before making that next step in my MMA career.

Mo: Who is your biggest inspiration in the MMA?
  My biggest inspiration in MMA is everyone that steps into the cage whether they’re professionals or amateurs just doing it inspires me because it takes a special breed of people to want to do this sport; and the ones that do, do it male or female inspires me to fight hard every time I step into the cage.

Mo: What separates you from every other fighter in your division?
Dinisio:   What separates me from most fighters is that I use the sport as a relaxing thing for myself I enjoy fighting win or loose I try to stay as humble as a person I can and respectable also I show sportsmanship to all fighter whether if I won or lost against them or even if I haven’t fought a fighter I just try to stay respectful to everyone and enjoy myself while I’m fighting never letting it become something personal to me.

Mo: If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be?
Dinisio:   I’ll fight them all if I could, I don’t care about the weight-classes the best of the best.

Mo: What tittles do you currently hold?
Dinisio:   I currently hold the light heavy weight title belt at 205 pounds, March 23 I’ll be fighting for the middle weight title belt at 185 pounds hopefully being the first person two hold two belts in two different weight-classes fighting out of Total Fight Challenge since it haven’t been done yet. So I’m striving for that to happen I know once doing so it would increase my chances of soon one day going pro.


   I would like to thank Dinisio for letting me document this moment in his career. Wish you luck in your journey in this career.

 -Words and Photography by Mo Parker


Jean-Marc Vallée’s take on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail stars Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Thomas Sadoski, & Gabby Hoffman.

Wild is a chronicle of one woman’s 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent catastrophe.

Review: Wild has a really intriguing premise, the idea of a solo hike does it for me but I was wary that the movie lasted over 100min. What could possibly be entertaining about a women hiking alone from the Mexican border to the Canadian Border? As it turns out quite a lot.

At first, it’s hard to understand Cheryl, she definitely does not strike you as a someone who could do this. She bit off more than she can shew, it’s clearly naive of her. But as Cheryl is struggling on her hike flashbacks of her life before the Pacific Crest Trails are peppered throughout the movie and like anyone you’re getting to know she starts to make sense. You get to understand what she’s been through, who she is, and what motivated her to do this. It’s a challenge that she brought on herself for herself, something she needed.

And just like that a 115 minutes passes, during which you were taken on physical and soul searching journey with amazing landscapes, and a flawed but strong woman. Reese Witherspoon carries that film beautifully, she layered her performance with sensibility and a quiet strength that suited the character. I didn’t totally relate to Cheryl but I wasn’t completely impervious to her ordeal, I also have dreams and life-goals to achieve.

On a side note, it was recently pointed out to me I had never seen Wild as the female lead version of Into The Wild. I’ve never finished Sean Penn & Emile Hirsh’s hiking movie but from what I remember Into The Wild was much more wild and raw the dude wasn’t on a hiking trail but in the wilderness. These two movies only compare in the drives these two characters have to undertake their journey.

Wild is a beautiful movie about personal growth and living in one’s truth. If you’ve seen it what did you think about it?


 On A mission people thanks for joining me as I climb my way to the top of my career field. I love what I do but now I want to take it to the next level. Go beyond what they think is possible from me. I play this video all the time everytime I start slowing down this gets me restarted and grinding harder than before. check out Eric thomas he is a huge inspiration.  video from @Ericthomasbtc 


STUDIO LIFE: Photoshoot for M.A.D.E. clothing companies latest tshirt release the VER$A₡E B.I.G. Very dope indie clothing company making a name for themselves around the Chicago area.

MODEL: Tarynn Jackson (@EA7160)

PHOTOGRAPHER: Mo Parker ( @_moparker )

Fashion: M.A.D.E Clothing (

Location: STUDIO 47