What resources do you wish you had access to as a QPOC?

Are you a queer or trans* person of color? I’d like to hear from you!

As time ticks forward, programs and opportunities are springing up in several areas that directly benefit queer and trans* people. However, most of these programs blatantly ignore the intersectionality of needs required by many QPOC/QTPOC.

Myself and several others have begun the workings for a non-profit organization that focuses directly on People of Color who are queer and transgender*. While we (the founders) fall under said category, we’d like to hear ideas of what we should offer from YOU, the people we are creating this organization for.

  1. What would you like to see from an organization created for you?
  2. What services do you belive are essential and need to be a top priority?
  3. What personal experiences have you faced that support the need for an organization like this?

Feel free to either respond below, or email b.qullective@gmail.com if you’d prefer to remain private.

B.QullecTivE will be having our first open meeting THIS SUNDAY, October 20th @ The Exchange, right next to Cafe Southside

This month’s discussion topics include:

  • Gender (Roles, Identity, Presentation, etc)
  • Sex Ed & Reproductive Justice
  • Cross Cultural Relations & Collaborations
  • Public Space (Police, Street Harassment, etc) 

Doors will be open from 11am-3pm

~Refreshments will be available during the meeting~

Keep in mind this space is for queer and trans* folks of color. Not a space for white and/or straight allies.


One mo’gain:

We are bringing our intersecting communities together to discuss topics relevant to our identities, needs, and the like.

Community Open Mic: 11-11:45
Announcements: 11:45-12

Feel free to hang out with us at Cafe Southside and support a QTPoC-owned business with delicious food, warm refreshments and atmosphere after the meeting as well. 

See ya there!

yay!! cause ideas are a flowin

someone was just talking about a meetup on the fb page, maybe we can flow that idea on over to the tumblr. maybe we could revive the fb page at the same time- cause i think there’s a lot of folks following the fb that are on tumblr already.

also clara would be an excellent person to work on this too. Not just cause, you know, of my biased opinion but 1)cause she’s an aaaaammaazing/eloquent/intensely creative writer/speaker and thinks so out of the box it never existed in the first place. 

On Wednesday, November 13th OutFront MN is hosting an “issue cut” for their Trans Justice Project at Sebathany Community Center (310 38th Street Suite 207, MPLS MN) to help determine what the trans community here in Minnesota needs as well as identifying a person to head the campaign.

I heavily encourage you to spread this message to Trans* People of Color, who are the most underrepresented people in places like this where conversations happen.

This conversation could well dictate where the next statewide campaign goes. Please attend if you are a TPOC and/or spread the message on.

This will be held from 630-830pm.

For folks joining electronically: the call in number is (712) 432-0375 and the code is 816848#.

To join the google hang out set up a google+ account and send your email address to cstinson@outfront.org

Hope to see you there!