2013 Matthew&Mary Fandom Secret Santa Gift

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Santa’s Note:

Good morning.  This is your 2013 Matthew&Mary Fandom Secret Santa gift!  I am quite proud of it and hope that you will enjoy it.  To try and come up with a story that you would like, I asked patsan to give me some information on you and your preferences as far as Downton Abbey was concerned.  If you don’t like this story, then I’m going to blame her!  (Just kidding, but I do hope you like it).

This story takes place in Series 2, during the concert in Episode 4.  That episode was a little sad, but had so much potential for M/M, and I hope you are happy with the twist I have put in.

I finished this story weeks ago because I was rather motivated to write your gift.  I ended up writing a prequel to this story as well, which is now posted on as Upon a Midnight Clear.  If you like this story, feel free to read that one as well, as they are both really written for you.  This story is rated M for obvious reasons.  If you would prefer to read a T-rated version, please let me know and I will send it to you.

If you’re interested, you can find my other M/M stories on under the author Apollo888.

Happy Holidays!

- Apollo888

With No One Else

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Hi, I'm here from the Modest Management Shutdown Squad (MMSS). We greatly apologize for any messages you may have received from their crazy Anons. We have murdered half of them with an axe and are tracking the other half across the Himalaya Mountains as we speak. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by Modest Management's blatant stupidity. Our condolences if you, or anyone close to you, has died choking on the stupid. Please keep blogging and remember: Larry fans will always be true fans. - MMSS

Hahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahhahahaha! omg! HAhahah this is the greatest thing ever. Omg. You my friend are just great. omg ahahahhahahaha I love you.


Hoje venho aqui para falar de anatomia novamente. O único osso do pescoço se chama hioide e possuímos 7 vértebras cervicais (no pescoço) sendo duas diferentes a atlas e axis (acabei não pegando imagens para não ficar um post muito pesado e também pois não aprendi ainda a real diferença, mas depois se for necessário faço um post apenas sobre essas duas).

Um pouco mais à baixo, temos um conjunto de mais 12 vértebras que são as torácicas e depois um conjunto de 5 formando as lombares. Existem as que formam sacro que são de 3 à 5 vértebras e as que formam o cóccix que é de 3 à 4 vértebras… No geral 33.

Partindo para os membros superiores, podemos observar que a clavícula é ligada ao osso esterno e a escápula (antiga omoplata)

Hoje o post foi sucinto e nem tanto aproveitador, eu quis fazê-lo mais para ter um complemento do que disse que falaria hoje. Infelizmente esqueci de pegar a fonte de todas imagens, mas sei que a primeira peguei do portal globo - bem-estar. 

trilha de estudo:


A.  Asteroids –are rocky fragments which came from the remnantsof the formation of the solar system million years ago. They are also known asplanetoids or minor planets. Most of the asteroids are coming from the MainAsteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Silicates- are minerals that contain elements silicon, oxygen and at least one metal.

*If an asteroid has smaller amounts of silicates relative to its components, it would be more difficult to see it because only small area of the asteroid can reflect light thus it may appear smaller than it really is when viewed.

*The composition of an asteroid is important in providing clues for scientists to discover more about the chemical composition of Earth and the other planets in the Solar System

Types of Asteroids

  1. The     C-type or carbonaceous are greyish in color and are the most     common. They consist of clay and stony silicate rocks, and inhabit the     main belt’s outer regions.
  2. The     S-type or silicaceous are greenish to reddish in color. They     dominate the inner asteroid belt. They are made of silicate materials and     nickel-iron.
  3. The M-type or metallic are reddish in color, and dwell in the middle region of the main belt. They are made up of nickel-iron.

B. Comets- A relatively small, at times active, object whose ices can vaporize in sunlight forming an atmosphere (coma) of dust and gas and, sometimes, a tail of dust and/or gas.

Are balls of rock and ice that grow tails as they approach the sun in the course of their highly elliptical orbits.

Kuiper Belt – was named after Gerard Kuiper. This is beyond Neptune’s orbit.

Oort Cloud – was named after Jan Oort. This is beyond our solar system.

*The composition of a comet is important in helping scientists understand how Earth has liquid water, which in turn made the planet livable.

Classification of Comets

  1. Short-period comets were perturbed from the     so-called Kuiper belt out beyond     the orbit of Neptune and pass through the inner solar system once or twice     in a human lifetime. Example: Comet Halley
  2. Long-period comets come from the  Oort Cloud, which rings the outer reaches of the solar system, and pass near the sun once every hundreds or thousands of years.

Parts of a Comet

•      Nucleusis the center of the comets which contains frozen chemicals/compounds needed by the comet.

•      Comais the head of the comet which expels water, gas, debris and dust.

•      Dust Tail reflects the light of the sun.

•      Ion Tail is highly charged with its molecules.

•       Dust Trail mark the path the comet travels through the inner solar system

C.  Meteoroids, Meteors and Meteorites

  1. Meteoroid – a broken up rock     and dust from either a comet or an asteroid or from any celestial bodies.
  2. Meteor – is a light     phenomenon or a streak of light that occurs when a meteoroid burns up as     it enters Earth’s atmosphere.
  3. Meteorite – fragments from a     meteoroid that survives and make it to the ground.

*Meteorites are of importance to scientists in studying the occurrence of different elements and compounds on Earth. This information is in turn important in studying our mineral resources which is an important industry in any country.

*Meteor Shower – streaks of light when the Earth orbits around the Sun and passes through the orbit of a comet where these comet fragment are found. During a meteor shower meteors seem to originate from only one point in the sky because the meteoroids are travelling in parallel paths with the same velocity. The meteor shower is named after the constellation where they seem to originate from, but this does not mean that the meteoroids come from the associated constellation.

Some Examples of Famous Annual Meteor Showers

Types of Meteorites

1. Iron meteorites consist mainly of an iron-nickel metal alloy and most have a distinctive crystalline structure with bands containing low and high levels of nickel known asWidmanstattentexture. The low nickel alloy is the mineral kamacite and the high nickel alloy is taenite.

2. Stony-iron meteorites consist of almost equal amounts of iron-nickel metal and silicate minerals and are amongst the most beautiful of meteorites. There are two different types of stony-iron, the pallasites and the mesosiderites.



3. Stony Meteorites - The majority of meteorite falls are stony meteorites consisting mainly of silicate minerals. There are two main types of stony meteorite.

  • ·         Chondrites have never significantly melted and have compositions similar to the sun and the solar system as a whole.
  • ·         Achondrites have melted and are similar to igneous rocks on Earth. These include rocks from Mars and the moon as well as from melted asteroids. Achondrites have compositions different from the sun as they have been changed by melting and crystallisation.

Both chondrites and achondrites are split into many sub-groups based on their compositions, minerals and structures.

I'm going to start a thing

called Midnight Matt Smith Spam

I’ll be gathering photos and gifsets of his beautiful face and posting them in rapid succession before I head to bed

I can’t choose a day of the week because let’s be real here- I can’t hold out that long. So it’ll be any day I feel like it. Okay probably very nearly every day

Tagging as #MMSS, enjoy, lovelies!

someplaceovertherainbow-deactiv asked:

Hey! :) So excited for the MM secret santa (I've already started working on my piece! haha). I noticed in the post I re-blogged that you said that we're to send the 'present' to whoever we have on the 23rd of December. I'm in Australia and it's the 23rd of December here before it is in the UK and in the US. So I was wondering which timezone we're going by. Thanks! :) x

Sorry to only get to this now, but hi and oh, I’m so glad, I can hardly wait to see what everyone has come up with :D

Thank you for the question too. I guess I haven’t really thought about it, but I think the easiest solution is that everyone submits their gift on the 23rd December according to their own timeline, so that in the end, by Christmas night, everyone will have their gift :)

I’ll post more info on how to submit the gifts in the next days :)

Meanwhile, happy creating :)

Los nuevos movimientos sociales confían poco en la vía revolucionaria, armada y violenta; pero mucho menos en la transformación legislativa. Los Centros Sociales se sitúan al margen de la intervención política institucional. Su opción no es, sin embargo, la de presión a favor de reformas. Desde el concepto de ‘reapropiación de espacios’ tratan de llevar a la práctica, desde ya, la transformación de todas las elecciones sociales. Los Centros Sociales serían el medio físico de apoyo a un cambio social. (…) arrancar espacios al sistema, ayudando a la creación de un contrapoder.
—  Pablo Iglesia Gutierrez (1996)