The Loyal Subjects Power Rangers (MMPR) Random Single Mini Figure Packs are now in the Toys R Us system:

Toys R Us Item Number: 423183
Price: $12.99

The Toys R Us site is also just now getting the images uploaded to their image server.

These are on order and may or may not be coming to Toys R Us soon.

More info: Non-Bandai Power Rangers Toy Listings

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Okay so lets talk about the cast of the new season of The Power Rangers Dino Charge. This is kind of epic that there is a Black Pink Ranger this year for the very first time. For 20 Years, the “Pink Ranger” represented the “pretty” or “desirable” female character or the one guys like and the one most girls want to be.

So to have the only female in this diverse cast be Black is great, because little black girls can watch this and actually see someone who looks like them as the sole female hero on the team… That is kind of a big deal.