FFXIV literally is my life

FFXIV isn’t just a game. It’s a commitment. You don’t just come on here to play, you come on here to live. The world of Eorzea becomes a living and breathing thing once you log in. The relationships you make, and the bonds you form are irreplaceable. I’ve met so many important people on this game. I become my character ocne I log in. I can honestly say I am attached to the characters I’ve made. I cannot imagine my life without this game. And this game is not going anywhere any time soon. I have laid down money for subs, optional items, and commissions because I love this game so damn much. Some people may not understand and that’s okay. But a lot of people do. This is more than just a game to a lot of people. It’s a lifestyle, it’s an escape, and most importantly, it’s Final Fantasy 14.

asukaexe asked:

Just wanna know why your nasty ass priest was basically teabagging our dead bodies in Velika today? uwu

arent you charming? well, boo - to answer your question: everyone knows that proper teabaggage of dead bodies is mmo policy. c:

Basic Rules for Healers

1. It is your fault. Always.
2. You have a few healing skills as well as a few supportive skills - use all of them at once and without cooldowns.
3. What do you mean you can’t heal, support and dodge at the very same second? Noob.
4. Don’t bother telling your DPS to dodge or get out of red circles. They won’t.
5. Learn how to heal one-hits since if you can’t, you’re a fucking noob.