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Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown

Title Change & Launch Date (April 28, 2015)

Hoi Chummers!

When we announced our cooperation with Nordic Games last week, we told you that there were more exciting news on the horizon for the upcoming days and weeks. Today we’re going to share not one, but two red hot pieces of intel with you. So hold on tight – these are big ones!

Naming Game, Part II

Some of you might recall that in January we asked about the name Shadowrun Online or a possible different name. Back then we proposed Shadowrun 2076, but after reading through all your feedback and suggestions (thank you again for your great ideas!) and some more internal discussions, we headed your call and came up with a new one a good number of people seemed to like. So from this day forward, Shadowrun Online will be known as – drumroll, please! – Shadowrun Chronicles!

We think the new title does away with a couple of associations people had with “Online” that didn’t apply to our game and which led to some disappointed buyers and backers. “Chronicles” expresses our goal to continue to tell stories and release new content evolving from the collective actions of our players over time. As many of you have already surmised, the first chapter will be called Boston Lockdown, making the full title of our launch version Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown.

Launch in 3 … 2 … 1

A lot of people have asked us “When is this game going to come out”? We know we did take longer than we initially expected (and then some), but we’ve pushed through and are now approaching the finishing line fast. “How fast”, you ask? Very fast: We’re proud to announce that Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown will be available in retail stores as well as on Steam and other digital platforms on April 28th 2015.

We’ve also updated our trailer with some new footage and with the new title and launch date, so have a look!

We hope you agree that these are indeed exciting news and we’re looking forward to discussing the game with all of you. See you in the Shadows, Chummers!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Quick Aurin lore question: All of the Matrias I've noticed in game are female. Are there instances in Aurin society where the Matria role has been filled by a male or is it a female-only rank? Thank you! :)

From the official lore:

"Aurin communities are matriarchal and have been for as long as the Aurin can remember. Communities are led by a female called a matria, who offers motherly guidance to the community and leads cultural rituals such as marriages and funerals. Aurin communities are built around the dwelling of the matria, who serves as the link between the Aurin and the surrounding forest.

Matria are Aurin females who are capable of binding themselves to a Wisdom Tree (sometimes also called an Elder Tree), connecting them not only with that tree, but with all the surrounding trees in the community. Thus the matria is considered the heart of any Aurin community, as she is connected to each of the Aurin through their trees, and is linked to the surrounding forest. Matria are also able to influence the Weave through their link to the forest, which allows them to sense changes within the forest, perceive things that are happening elsewhere in the forest, and sometimes, depending on how powerful the matria is, exercise influence over the forest itself, including the creatures that live within it. However, the range of a matria is limited and she can typically only exercise her powers on the forests surrounding her community, unlike an Aurin queen, who can commune with forests all across the planet.”

There are many roles within an Aurin community that a male can fulfill — all of the usual roles that are a part of Exile society (soldiers, explorers, scientists, merchants, builders, craftsmen, guards, etc) — as well as roles that are specific to Aurin society: Consorts, Watchers, Hunters, Tenders, and Queensguard.

I started playing FFXIV!  I’m not much of a MMO person (mostly because I think most MMOs are butt ugly with their character customization and I’m ultrasuper picky) but I’m really loving this one so far!  Makes me feel like I’m playing a regular old JRPG.  And I think my Lalafell is cutie patootie!  I wanted to play a cute looking chibi witch!

My friends and I started a Free Company on there, Legion of Boom (on Zalera server) if anyone wants to join and party up with me!  :D  …and yes I named it Legion of Boom because I’m a 12th man, but we fight in the Twelveswood, GET IT?! HA!  So it’d be cool to get some local players in the FC too~