New Staff at the Charyb!

Tonight, the Charyb was mostly abuzz with the sounds of curiosity - new staff had been appointed an unspecified amount of time before the night’s scheduled opening - and with them, they brought chatter, glamour, and aloofness. While the new owner didn’t actively take part in managing or tending to staff duties, she did bring in two people who were hired to serve as Senior Manager and Assistant Manager, respectively, and spent most of the night chatting up and serving customers. By the end of the evening, an entire Aurin dance troupe had formed at the premise of Free drinks, and the new general manager looked on proudly as her encouraging words (and deals), renewed some of the energy that the club had recently lacked.


Sirnana Snowdew, Owner - The new owner of Charyb, an adventurous albino Aurin with a terrible case of narcisissm and a flair for glamour and all things fabulous. While she may have taken over ownership, she’s not actively shown any interest in running the place and seems to enjoy the prestige and the grandiose connotations of being the owner far more than standing behind a counter for three hours and watching patrons drink themselves into oblivion.

Riley Wintermoss, Senior Manager - a former Justice-turned-Manager with a sharp wit, a penchant for perkiness and a plethora of facial piercings, Riley oversees most of the business decisions and juggles her duties - whom to hire, what to put on the drinks list, directing marketing, and managing the bills. Her career as a Justice has instilled a stout, hard view of the world, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t going to take the time to be nice and sweet to you first.

Liszka, Assistant Manager - No one quite knows who Liszka is, and if anyone intends to find out, she damn well isn’t saying where she’s from. Reserved and aloof, Liszka is quite, to quote Riley “Not a people person”, but does her job with a cool, calculating efficiency that is commonplace amongst Mordesh. On most weeks, she can be found behind the bar, handling patrons with curteous, graceful manners that add class to the loud and bright environment of the club.

The Deed is Done, ...literally, Kupo!

After a month of toiling, scrounging and saving…we finally did it. That’s right, we have our own Free Company housing.

Now as you can likely imagine, we’re quite proud of our humble little abode and invite you to come and tour our villa-in-progress as we strive to complete our renovations, receive our new furnishings and stock the bar with ale.

Have a question for us? Looking to make an inquiry? Step right on in and ring the bell, but only once…seriously, Mr. Belvedere is not within our employ. …look we tried, he’s a hot commodity…anyways…come on in!

Now if you ever find yourself in need of a good meal, our Liandra is culinary goddess. Be warned, if you don’t clean your plate, …there’ll be hell to pay, or a frying pan to the temple. The choice is yours but you’ll always find a place at our table, kupo.

As our galley is still undergoing renovations, let us look to the lower level in which you will find our sleeping quarters. Can you smell the tranquility, kupo? Does it smell like teen spirit?

Well…if you smell anything other than teen spirit, have a soak in the bath to wash up. Don’t forget to scrub behind your ears!

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, ‘Where’s the party at?’ Well, upstairs of course! Looking to kick up your heels and kiss your favorite gal goodbye? Then come on up and pour a glass or three of Duncan’s infamous honey ale.

So there it is, kupo. Our lil’ work in progress. Come by anytime, we’d be happy to have you!

With love,

The Gang

FFXIV literally is my life

FFXIV isn’t just a game. It’s a commitment. You don’t just come on here to play, you come on here to live. The world of Eorzea becomes a living and breathing thing once you log in. The relationships you make, and the bonds you form are irreplaceable. I’ve met so many important people on this game. I become my character once I log in. I can honestly say I am attached to the characters I’ve made. I cannot imagine my life without this game. And this game is not going anywhere any time soon. I have laid down money for subs, optional items, and commissions because I love this game so damn much. Some people may not understand and that’s okay. But a lot of people do. This is more than just a game to a lot of people. It’s a lifestyle, it’s an escape, and most importantly, it’s Final Fantasy 14.