it hurts to become | dinosaur

OT5. ~30K, teen. Spaceship AU. Hurt/Comfort.
↳For drownedindeniall in the OT5 Exchange

What happens is they soar on top of the flares.

They’re lightning. They’re living breathing atomic fury of so many reactions, fast paced and fucking thrilled at themselves, giddy with the rush of new love and new worlds. What happens is they get a contract to do some contact and retrieval on the west end of the Twin Nebulae.

What happens is they screw up and crash down.

Uchihacest fanfic recommendations

I get a lot of general Uchihacest requests, so this includes SasuIta, MadaIzu, ShiIta/ItaShi and MadaIta.

It’s not many fics right now, since my preference and otp always is ItaSasu. Please note that this is only for your convenience.

More might be added later. It’s categorized into pairings. As usual, read description for triggers and ratings. Now added to my FAQ so it can be found along with my ItaSasu recommendations.


What he Wanted by Sergeant SasuIta (angst, post-war, post-ending, resurrected!Itachi, dominant!sasuke, sasuita, itasasu, love, lemon, M)
I love the bath by Aruuuu (dominant!sasuke, kinkiness, pwp, M)
Aniki’s Closet Weakness by Aruuuu (bondage, dominant!Sasuke, kinkiness, smut, M)
Nightly Routines by Ravenous Lust (smut, dominant!sasuke, M)
Delirious by Crystallinee (sasuita kinkyness, dominant!sasuke)
As Sick as Any Sin by Angelas (non-con, dominant!sasuke, smut, M)
Silent Night by PureWaterLily (angst, post-ending, kind of non-con, M)
Charge by PureWaterLily (slight sadism, bondage, smut, M)
Never Closed
by Snowflake98
(sasuita fluff, T)
You’re Cute When You Scream by ForeverLilacLies (slave!Itachi, dominant!sasuke, non-con, sadism, abuse… eventual fluff, M)
Blindfold by CapriceTheAvenger (kinkyness, bondage, M)


Izuna? by MajselajseL (smut, loving brotherly moments, M)
Say What? by MajselajseL (rich Madara, prostitute Izuna, smut M)
Never Look Back by BelovedShadow (orphaned madara and izuna, sex later on, brotherly love, fluff, M)
Destined For Revenge by Shiroi Neko 18 (smut, lots of sweet love M)
New Sleeping Habits by MajselajseL (fluff, cuteness, K+)
Thunderstorms by MajselajseL (shota, fluff, smut, M)
Demons Love The Sweetest by Crystallinee (angst, dark themes, smut, violence, gore, demons, insanity, occultism, itasasu, madaizu, M)
Watching them Watching Us by BelovedShadow and ItachiSasukeSama (pwp, crack, madaizu, itasasu, ocs, M)
Do you love me yet, Nii-san? by Admiral-IzuSasu (smut, bondage, light shota, Madaizu, ItaSasu, IzuSasu, Uchihacest in general, M)

ItaShi / ShiIta

Phd In Nothing Much by Venusianeye (highschool AU, fluffy, lemon, M)
One love, two mouths by SkywardShadow (ItaShi,pwp, oocness, M)
Put on your dancing shoes by SkywardShadow (itashi, pwp, western M)
Mind gardens by Antisaints (shiita, shota, psychological, kinda non-con, M)
Inappropriate by Missmocha77 (Shiita, non-massacre, smut, M)
Southern Joy by Serephy (shiita/itashi, pwp, angst M)


Innocent Child by Admiral IzuSasu (shota, dark themes, non-con, madaita, implied itasasu M)
Aim by Iridian of The Shadows (non-con, shota, slight sexual themes, young ooc Itachi, M)
Feeling Good by Freya’s Valhalla (pwp, itasasu, shota, non-con madaita, M)
Sins of The Flesh by TheWammy’sHouseReject (Itachi takes Sasuke with him after the massacre, fluff, smut, itasasu, madaita non-con, dark M)