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Roger Huerta Training

Old video of UFC/Bellator veteran Roger Huerta training at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand.

Huerta is riding a 4 fight losing streak that’s been capped off with his head almost getting punted from his body by Zorobabel at One FC 4. He’s set to face English fighter Christian Holley (10-0) at One FC 19 this Friday (August 29th).

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Shinya Aoki Highlights

By: HelloJapan05

Shinya Aoki defens his One FC lightweight title for the first time this Friday (August 29th) in the main event of One FC 19. He’s set to face UFC veteran Kamal Shalorus.

His Dark Side: Training with a Kung Fu Master

The Master was less interactive that day.

I had grown accustomed to him walking over to me, mapping the corrections of my movements by performing them president as I watched. The practice of Kung Fu forms required the same attention to detail set forth by the martial ancestors. And I would have to work harder to prevent my own biases interfering with the expression of the moves. I couldn’t tamper with the movements. Even the most delicate changes occurring as a result of my own idiosyncratic movements were gently corrected. The Master was patient, tolerating my ineptitude and forgetfulness, always willing to provide reminders of missed details.

I warmed up and went through the forms one-by-one. As a departure from our usual lessons, he made no corrections. Instead, he sat in his chair, and I could hear him wheezing, his bronchioles fighting to oxygenate his body. His cough sounded wet, as if dampness had crept down his throat, into his lungs.
At that movement I realized the strength of my bond because I immediately felt concerned for his health. The Master smoked a pipe which he would pack with tobacco whilst watching my movements as I darted and spun across the garden. His coughing was to signify a gradual decline in his health, which would eventually leave me without a guiding light.