Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin

More Anderson Silva styling on people.

Silva returns to competition this Saturday (Jan. 31st) to face Nick Diaz at UFC 183.

Over the last few years there has been a saddening trend hitting the high-level IBJJF competitions, the close out. If you’re un familiar with close outs, basically what happens is two team mates will meet in the final and one with bow out, awarding their friend, training partner or instructor the win. All the top teams are notorious for it, especially Gracie Barra, Checkmat and Atos. It happened in the 2015 Europeans and in the 2014 Pan American Championships five out of the nine finals closed out, which caused a bit of…read more

Warning: Inflammatory curse word ridden rant below

Really? You’re not “fighting” a brother, you’re in the finals of a grappling match. Grow a pair and go for the gold. Theres nothing wrong with competing against a teammate for 1st place, and if you really take yourself so seriously that you can’t go up against someone you know in the finals maybe you need to take your head out of your own ass. I love bjj but calm the fuck down. Our sport is lower impact that taekwondo for fucks sake, If a competitive roll jeopardizes your friendship and you are not capable of handling losing or competing against a team mate maybe you should spend less time on the mat and more time working on your life skills. There’s always a bigger fish, sometimes it is someone close to you or on your team. Sucks but you don’t need to want to hurt someone to win at BJJ you just need to get to and maintain dominate position. Am I in the wrong for thinking this? Whats everyone else’s thoughts?


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