Shane Campbell styling on Derek Boyle

Mentioned this earlier, but it went under the radar.

Shane Campbell (11-2) signed with the UFC today. The guy is a former K-1 GP semi-finalist (he lost to the guy the drew with Buakaw). Dave Walsh of Liverkick and Steven Wright, the head striking coach of Team Takedown, had him as one of, if not the best North American muay thai fighters around.


@officialcainvelasquez and I warming up getting our Machida shimmy on today lol”

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I just realized that with the Mama Cinder AU, Ruby is gonna be the best villainess when she grows up, because she's gonna have personality traits of all the bad guys mixed in with her own!

Yeees~ Instead of being into a huntress she can be the best villain there is!


Dan Severn doesn’t age, is also an insane badass

got my ass handed to me in the best way possible

i went to body combat for the first time this morning.

when i went to u-jam for the first time, the instructor asked if anyone was new, and i was lame and didnt raise my hand. another girl did, and the instructor was like “wow thats awesome youre so great for admitting it!” and i didnt want to be like HEY WAIT A MINUTE IM NEW TOO IM AWESOME but this time, i raised my hand….and was the only one. eh. 

the instructor welcomed me and then said, “just try to make it at least half-way through! i know its rough but i encourage you to stay for at least half if you can!” 

….wait, what? no other class mentioned this but everyone else was nodding their heads so i was like wait a minute, how hard is this going to be?!

turns out, really freaking hard…but in a good way. there were definitely a couple times where i was off-kilter from everyone else, since theyve all CLEARLY been doing this for a while. but i really think i held my own and when i looked up and it was 9:35 and i saw i was more than halfway done, i felt proud of myself. i stuck it out for the rest of the class and was happy that i didnt walk out or, you know, lay down on the floor and just die like i wanted to.

the teacher was great. super hardcore, but also informative and friendly. she came up to me when we were done and said, “good job!” which i appreciated. she also said that next week the choreography will be all new, and i told her i was glad since ive been “the new kid” all week and feel kinda out of place since everyone knows the steps to everything already. she just laughed and said “next week, we’ll all be the new kids,” which made me feel better. 

i told her id be back and she told me she was glad. i feel like the other classes are great workouts too, but THIS class is going to be the one that beats me into shape.

sidenote, i do think that my love shaun t has definitely helped me out with my form and without doing insanity max: 30 and T25 this year i would have crapped out and died on the floor in the middle of todays class for sureeeee.

the description of the class says that its inspired by MMA and uses an array of karate, muay thai, boxing, and tae kwon do, if anyone is interested in trying something similar in an area close to them!

ive eaten clean today but definitely havent eaten or drank ENOUGH. ive only had 60 oz of water which is really low for me—im still going though—but james and i are going to the store after he gets off work so i can load up on food. our fridge is pretty barren right now so we definitely need to stock up. baby needs to eat!

i am super excited that its april! im doing my hair trial this month and am really excited to have a professional style my hair, im such a nerd. but i never do anything with it so itll be fun for me to see something new on myself. im also excited to be going to our venue for our bridal fair, because we’ve never seen it all lit up for an event and i know its going to be beautiful and i cant wait to show our parents. and at the end of the month, of course, i go to san diego for amber’s bachelorette which is going to be a major highlight!