UFC Tonight Updates

-Rousey vs Zingano set for Jan 3rd as the co-main under Jones vs Cormier.

-Cain expected to be back in a few months.

-Yoel Romero wants a top 5 opponent in Jan or early Feb. Jacare v Romero was discussed by both parties and the UFC.

-Cerrone vs Myles Jury is a done deal for Jan, just not sure which card. Apparently the UFC is doing a Jan 18th card, not to mention a potential Fox show on Jan 24th.

Sometimes subject matter is secondary. John McPhee, for example, can write about long-haul trucking or lacrosse, subjects I’ve got no interest in, and I’ll read each word and marvel at how he’s able to make the topics so compelling, rich, and human. Kerry Howley’s subject matter, in her potent and consuming debut Thrown, falls into the same disinterest bin as trucking and lax, but she brings such vigor and aliveness, such seductive use of detail and tension, that it’s impossible not to lose oneself in the bloody, funny, brutal, balletic world of mixed martial arts. In other words, I don’t care about cage fighting, ultimate fighting, MMA; Kerry Howley made me care.

This book is so fucking good, you guys. Read it. Here’s why, in a review I did for The Millions.


Cold Steel crew member Ron Balicki Catch Wrestling and Filipino Knife training with Josh Barnett and Victor Webster at TapOut LA!

Hanging out, teaching and training with Josh, Victor and a whole host of amazingly inspiring and talented young Martial Artists!


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Marina Shafir

Jessamyn Duke

Josh Barnett

Travis Newaza

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Ron Balicki

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