Monday Moods_12

Live: If you’re looking to bring a masculine edge to a space, the choice of deep rich tones, teamed with textures like leather and faux in this living room are ideal. 

Eat: After having to google the difference between brownies and blondies (they basically contain white chocolate or just less cocoa, giving them a lighter color and taste) I think I prefer brownies, however this White Chocolate Blondie with maple cream sauce recipe sounds amazing.

Am currently doing a physics test paper. Brain is thicker than peanut butter. Send help, preferably in the form of today’s lunch: thick slabs of ciabatta topped with dark chocolate yogurt and LSA peanut butter with banana, raspberries, greek yogurt and @drgayesuper Super Spoonful toasted muesli. Yin Yang toast because maybe if I ingest it I will absorb and internalize the peanut buttery Peace and it will disseminate to other aspects of my life, e.g week ahead. Gulp. Hope everyone has had a great Sunday! ❤️