The excellent Production Notes for Fury Road are available online. Here are some excerpts. [long post] [random bolding] 


“I realized I’d unconsciously tapped into that classic mythological archetype,” [George Miller] says. “In Japan, they called Max a lone Ronin Samurai. In France, they saw the film as a ‘Western on wheels’ and Max as the lone gunslinger. In Scandinavia, some said Max reminded them of a solitary Viking warrior, wandering the harsh landscape.”

• Casting Tom Hardy in the role, Miller knew he’d found an actor who could bring a palpable truth to the mythic figure, noting, “It’s easy to be cautious as an actor, but there are some who are emotional warriors, and that’s Tom. He’s fearless. I was waiting for someone like Tom to come along and knew he would find the soul of Max within himself.”

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George Miller and Guy Norris talking about Tom’s physicality in his role as Max + Tom on the pain involved, and the vital contribution of his stunt-double Jacob Tomuri:

• Norris observes that Hardy likewise developed highly nuanced body language for the role. “You could watch him with the sound off in this film and know exactly what’s happening. And Tom did so much action himself-climbing on top of the War Rig and running along its length, hanging from his feet inches off the ground-that’s all Tom. Whatever we thought Tom could safely do, he would do.”

• “Tom has the raw energy of the rugby player,” Miller adds. “He is one of those actors who will try anything. His favorite saying on the set of ‘Fury Road’ was, 'Let’s try it and see what it isn’t.’ And he’s exactly right. It’s a way to free yourself as an actor not to be afraid of failure.”

• For the actor, the key to Max’s physicality is that he’s not made of steel. “Everything costs in this world,” Hardy says. “That’s a symbiotic theme throughout George’s Wasteland. It costs a human being. There’s pain. And it’s technically very uncool to be a superhero that hurts. But if you smash your face into the dirt, you have to play it. This is tough, so I make it look tough. That really earthed it for me, to physically accept vulnerability.”

• Hardy and his stunt-double Jacob Tomuri were true partners throughout the film, working closely to divide up Max’s considerable stunt load. But Hardy credits Tomuri with the majority of action Max sees-particularly his face-melting entry into the armada. “Jacob did the gnarly stuff,” Hardy demurs. “I just did a bit of hanging upside down, which is still pretty gnarly. But my exposure to great speed on front of the car was probably about 30 or 40 miles-per-hour, tops. Jacob, on the other hand, was exposed to far greater speeds, and not just going forward, but in reverse, and doing 360s on numerous occasions, with explosions and gunfire. So, to be fair, I had it pretty easy.”

• Miller remarks that at times, it was difficult to tell the actors from the stunt team. “We tried to meld the two, particularly in the War Boys and the Imperators. So, in many ways, we had our own off-camera Fury Road, as it were.”

Fury Road Production Notes

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FORKING UNCOMFORTABLE  A closeup of the garden fork mask, thanks to illustrator/storyboard artist Mark Sexton

  • Mark Sexton - More essential tools for getting into the mood for drawing Fury Road comics. Bloody uncomfortable though, Tom Hardy must have a small head..!
  • Greg Van Borssum - It fitted me fine 100% so you must have a big melon!!!
  • Chris Lee - Did you steal that off the set?
  • Mark Sexton - Hey! I didn’t steal nothing! I’m working out of George Miller’s offices - this was sitting there in a box after the premiere! I just picked it up to have a look… Tell you what, it’s a thing of brutal beauty…
  • Mark Sexton - Forking uncomfortable too. I sympathise with Tom Hardy…

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