Elias: “I would like to know, uh–why you premeditated bringing a knife to an interview.”
Michael: “Okay, Elias, sorry. I told you this already, Paula. I didn’t bring the knife, someone planted a knife there.”
Elias: “Right, it happens all the time.”
Michael: “Don’t go spreading–he’s starting rumours on the internet that I came there with a knife. I don’t know, maybe someone planted it there because they wanted you dead or something.”
Elias: “Oh, are you threatening me now?”
Michael: “I’m sorry, am I what?”
Elias: “You threatening me now?”
Michael: “Am I what?” x


“Negative three” is an early song by Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids. So, the name of this song inspired me somehow to draw this. This is my first time I tried this kind of technique so pls don’t judge me haha. A4, pencils Artwork by Misa (Amyviinitalo)


Hey guys, sorry to tell but there will not be a Marble Meet this year. Neither of the creators can go, and therefor there would be no event. So no Marble Meet this year.

Hopefully, next year we can have one. Which will be better since the new series is coming out, so there will be more hype!