The Seattle Rainmakers recently played their first ever MLU game, and I was on-hand to get 240fps highlights. 

Ultimate Frisbee is an intense sport, and I did my best to highlight the athleticism and teamwork that happens out there on the field. It’s pretty disappointing when fringe sports like Parkour, Capoeira and Ultimate get lumped into the “I don’t understand this and it has an unfamiliar name, so now it’s a punchline!” mindset. These athletes do some crazy shit, and deserve recognition for it.

And there was a boat and everything!!!! What’s where @_leunam_x @cat293 and I had our 5 sec mush pit!!!! Ha hahahahhaa!!!! =D @mysteryland_usa #Mysteryland #MLUS

idk what it was but the MLU ending hurt me more than the MLA ending

maybe cause MLA was pain the entire way through…

Reading through the MLU AMA on reddit at the moment is making me a bit sad. All of the questions relating to women playing professional ultimate seem to hinge on them being ‘good’ enough to make the MLU. Why can professional ultimate not have a mixed division or a women’s division? Why does it have to be about being as good as the boys? The way the two genders play is completely different and I cannot see enough women breaking into the MLU to make it a thing! Thoughts?