Fracture clinic done, no cast thankfully as the break in my meta-carpal wasn’t displaced. Small splint on my little finger to help the tendon heal. Hopefully swelling will go down this week. Didn’t realise quite how much is had swollen until I put the images on here of my good hand too. Already replaced the rear set on the bike. Just need to check the radiator to make sure that is ok and the bike should be good to go again. 

Think my original Alpinestars leathers have had their last race. This was their 5th crash and I reckon they are beyond repair. Served me well. 

I think I might be nearly quick enough to buy some white ones. Certainly going to get some white boots ;-)


Wear your gear……had a high speed get off at Pembrey on Saturday morning. Rear end slide, tried to save it and it turned into a high side slam-dunk scenario. 

Trusty old Shark RSI did it’s job again, didn’t lose consciousness this time but still a big hit. Hand got caught under the bike which destroyed the glove. Got off lightly with a fracture to my distal phalanx of my little finger and a cracked head of my meta-carpal on my index finger. I think a lesser glove would have meant digits missing…..

Zero points scored so dropped down to third in the championship with no chance of winning it now. I had my opportunity and it’s gone. Could still scrape second in the championship but unlikely.