Commission - Celestia and Luna : Day and Night

Please note, this piece was a commission and is not for sale. While I do take commissions (see below), I do not remake pieces that I have already made. Thank you for your understanding.

About : Based on MLP FiM #5 Cover Image by Andy Price

Holy cow, it’s done!!!  This is the largest commission I have ever taken on and is one of the largest pieces I have ever produced.  I hit a lot of roadblocks with this piece, for sure; lots of new stuff here.  But over all, it really was a blast to work on and I learned a TON.

This piece is largely Epoxy based.   I used Free Form Air for the main structure of the busts, with the details being done in Apoxie Sculpt.  The crowns and hair were sculpted over wire mesh.  The crowns are also removable and Celestia’s is big enough for a little girl to wear!  I made the horns so that they can unscrew from the head, for easier shipping and storage.

The base was probably the biggest challenge with this piece as it combined many things that I don’t normally work with.  The design was done in Illustrator which was then used to laser cut the worbla (thermoplastic) needed for the main structure of the base.  It was all put together with epoxy glue, fun foam, a few support wires, and Apoxie Sculpt.  

All the flowers as well as the butterflies and bats were done with Premo! colored clays (and yes, each of those flowers were individually made by hand)  The birds were done with Super Sculpey/Sculpey Firm over wire and Apoxie Sculpt.  Most of the details are hand painted.  The landscapes on the back were Photoshopped from Andy’s original designed, printed on waterslide decal paper, and applied to the sculpture.  I painted over certain areas to help it tie in to the rest of the base.

Materials : Busts - Apoxie Sculpt, Free Form Air, Wire Mesh, Swarovski Crystals, Cel Vinyl, Pearl Ex

Base - Worbla, Fun Foam, and Apoxie Sculpt Around Wood Plaques (Main Structure), Premo! (Flowers, Bats, and Butterflies), Super Sculpey/Sculpey Firm (Birds), Waterslide Decals, Faux Gems, Cel Vinyl, Pearl Ex

Dimensions : Total Height - 16” At Top of Hair, 19” At Tip of Horn  Base - 14.25” Width x 11.25” Depth x 6.25” Height

Time Taken : 117 hours (70 hours for busts, 47 hours for base)

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