please-stand-by-0-shady said - “Huh. Political stuff. I get the feeling I know who the unnamed unicorn thinks like. But it’s rude to not ask. To the currently unnamed unicorn, please identify yourself.”

malikoathkeeper said - “A new guy? well unamed one, tell me who you are.”

Max - “What fucking is this?!”

Clementine - “I… w-wat”

Max - “The text!”

Clementine - “I…I”

Max - “Is it a weapon?”

Clementine - “No…”

Flame - “This is the head of security for this building, we call him Max. He’s an arse. That Max is a communicator, it picks up signals and projects them as text. If you would of searched her properly and confiscated all of her personal belongings, she wouldn’t still be wearing it. It is however harmless, so put the musket down you idiot”

Journal Entry #3, Still on the second day, Location: Just outside of Ponyville, Time 0245 hours


"So we’ve made it through town without any hassle, mostly because everyone there is asleep. Currently arriving at the airstrip, the Corona Horizon is sitting here all ready to go, all we have to do is load our things in and board. I myself have to go to the bridge to meet up with the airship’s Captain to discuss some matters, so I won’t be able to oversee them loading up the ship. I’ll just send down a lieutenant to deal with it. In the meantime, I’m currently walking and writing this entry at the same time, which probably isn’t the brightest move but whatever. It’s gotta be done. Walking through these halls I can already see ponies of all types getting settled in, Earth Ponies, Unicorns, you name it. Though, there are mostly Pegasi on board, but that’s beside the fact. This thing has multiple levels on it so it’ll take me a bit to get to the bridge. I heard I’ll get to meet the Captain of the Wonderbolts. Spitfire is it? Anyways I I think I’m getting close to the deck level, maybe I can check out the view. Won’t be much considering we’re still somewhat on the ground…"


Location: Commander’s bed room/ Corona Horizon Time: 0320 hours

"So I’ve finally made it to the bridge, conversed with the Captain, whose name was hard to pronounce, let alone spell, so I just call him Cap. Anywho. I’ve gotten settled down in my room, which has one hell of a view now that we’ve gotten up in the air and en route to Cloudsdale. Not very far since we only have to go up and about 3 miles northeast. We’ll probable arrive in 10-15 minutes depending of the speed of the ship.


Location: Cloudsdale Airstrip, Time: 0335 hours

"So we’ve arrived at the Airstrip, the Wonderbolts Airteam there to greet us, as well as Spitfire herself. She was a pretty cool mare if I may add. She’s got a fiery spirit, hence her name. Anywho, we conversed for a little while over what was going on as the team boarded the ship. Looks like we’ll be working together when it comes to dominating the skies. Some ponies would be jealous to hear about this but for me, just another normal day on the job. Well this is, I believe the last stop before the Alps, so I’m gonna get some shuteye. 2 hours of sleep ain’t gonna cut it for me. So that’s about all for now. Cloud over and out."

-Cloud Skipper, CC of the 1st ERG Air Squadron


Ask Reina #1

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