Meanwhile, Holmes is a prosecutor and Ryuunosuke is dead!?

…No, not quite.  These are stills from this year’s no-fourth-wall Special Court video.  Although Capcom hasn’t released the video yet, they’ve provided these images to Game Watch, giving us a look at the London courtroom.  As for what’s actually going on, Twitter user @hoso_boso gave a few hints, and C-R member Ash translated:

Ryuunosuke and Susato appear in the English court “because of DGS which is planned for a 2015 release”(screenshot 1). Then Holmes appears, who upon seeing Ryuunosuke blurts out “But aren’t you that dead Italian head cook?!” (See screenshot. He’s dead! But this will be explained later).

Holmes thinks that Ryuunosuke was the Italian head cook because of a certain telegram. The contents of that telegram? The truth behind this case? That’s what the Special Court is about.

There’s a secret to the telegram, but the story is mostly about Holmes’ silly mistakes.

As for how the characters appeared:

  • Holmes -> Natural airhead. Might describe him as a “clean Luke Atmey”
  • Susato -> Active, but can be a bit silly too.
  • Ryuunosuke -> Comments on and corrects both of them

Holmes also makes a comical meta-comment at the very end, which is very Takumi-like apparently.

Here’s hoping the full Special Court is released soon!