Warrior Nightmare Moon (bottom left photo) and Warrior Fluttershy (bottom right photo) from My Little Pony (Becka Noel Studio's original “Warriors” design)


  • Chubear Cosplay [TW | FB | IN] (Warrior Nightmare Moon)
  • Lyz Brickley [WW | TW | FB | SE] (Warrior Fluttershy)

Photographer: Sorairo-days Photography [WW | FB]


Mr. Holmes Movie (Official Teaser) 

 Sherlock Holmes revisits his final case with the help of a young protégé.

The Great Game Explosion
  • The Great Game Explosion
  • Steve Lawes and Mary Jo Watts
  • Interview February, 2015

Sherlock Director of Photography Steve Lawes on
The Great Game Explosion

Interview by Mary Jo Watts (mid0nz), February 2015

Steve Lawes
Ok so…

Mary Jo Watts

Steve Lawes
You see the cyc in the background?

Mary Jo Watts

Steve Lawes
You see the street light effect on the net curtains. You see the toplight on Benedict. You know this is where we get into the realms of being restricted in terms of where you can put lights, and also you’re putting lights in places so that it shows up the dust, so that the dust is backlit. Realistically, the light on the curtains is a little bit much. It’s a bit bright, but I’m working on the basis that when the window goes you need the light to pick up all the dust that they’re going to blow through. 

This is obviously done as a plate so the explosion is done without Benedict in the shot. It’s got several elements, the main element being the background plate. So we shot Benedict first, and we got him to do his action, and then we do the explosion (but Benedict’s not there when we do the explosion), and then they comp the two together. 

That explosion is put in, in post, because actually what Danny [Hargreaves] is doing effects-wise is just blowing debris through. There’s sugar glass in the windows. All the cameras have got protection on them because you can still get cut by sugar glass, it’s just not as bad as real glass. You know what The Mill have done is- if you see the fireball explosion outside…

Mary Jo Watts

Steve Lawes
They have created that, in that frame. And the debris coming through is mainly what was actually there on the day.

Benedict with TGG director Paul McGuigan (below). Note the camera is behind a Perspex shield.