1,000 original Lunas created because of this blog! One of my goals when I made this thing was to create a lot more Luna original art in this fandom. I would say that after 1,000 original Luna drawings, I’ve at least begun to achieve that goal.

Not to mention 5,276 followers! That’s awesome too!

Hello! This is my niece, Kamiah pictured here with Andrea Libman the voice actress for Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. She is eight years old and she means the world to me. Recently, she’s been bullied by the kids in her school for who she is. They make fun of her clothes, her hair, and steal things from her when she’s not looking. It’s made her really depressed and it’s changed her for the worse. She’s come to me crying her eyes out because of how they treat her. She used to smile so much but now she’s so quiet and dejected. One the things that make her happy is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. We watch it together, and it’s something that helps her forget all her problems, even if it’s for a moment. And I want to help her by taking her to Bronycon this summer! It’s always been her dream to meet the voice actresses, and go to Bronycon! Pinkie Pie is her favorite character because she always puts a smile on her face and inspires her to do the same for others! But unfortunately, we haven’t been able to raise the money. It’s been really rough this year for all of us. This summer though, I wanted to see her smile, because no kid deserves to be sad! Please help me make a little girl’s dream come true! http://www.gofundme.com/om58tc