Ppl asked me things about mlng, like why didn’t u choose mlng and choose abf instead?? why didn’t u get mlng?? Why are all your friends in mlng but u’r in abf??Whenever i get those questions, inside me would raged and hurt a lil. I dunno whether i should be smiling or tell them the whole truth that they wouldn’t even be interested in. Undeniably, I’m still holding grudge over that “small” matter that happen last Dec. The bus that I hop on everyday would pick up workers from both abf and mlng, which means I have to face their main gate every weekdays of my internship period. All of my housemates talks about the Great mlng while I can only talk about the humble abf. When can I get out of this mlng shadow??? Argh!! this is BS!!

У младенчика температура, по этому поводу ей был выдан первый в жизни чупа-чупс (она за ними давно безуспешно охотилась). Angie’s first candy 🍡 #candy #chupachups #daughter #baby #mlng #porusski фото не слишком удачное, но для истории пойдёт ☺ (Taken with instagram)

First Crush ko si Dan Allen Marasigan na 3 kaming nagaagawan sa kanya . pati si Gerriel Manzanilla hahaha crush ko dati napakasuplado nga eh tas naging classmate ko mlng first yr dko na sia crush

-hayzzz! nami nami gda da pungko daug pa ako tapos bi ku kung nu gd da ginainubra habang gamail ako. hara mlng gli. 😁😃😄😜😝#pou

Зима пришла, дороги встали, до садика не доехали, на прогулке коляска сломалась. Дети что-то от меня хотят… 😳😁😁😁 #winter #snow #girl #mlng #daughter (Taken with instagram)