Yall excuse my French in this post. I just typed up the solution to racism that no one has EVER found out until today. Enjoy.

White people (the racist ones/majority/the one per centers) harbor a ruthless trait that goes by the name “ignorance”. We (people of color/the minority, but technically the majority since there’s way more of us) have a tool. Our tool is protests, educating our people and “trying” to educate their people on what the hell equality means(which they should know because everyone has common sense right?). Their ignorance is the concrete. Follow me people keep reading. THEIR IGNORANCE IS THE CONCRETE. Our tool is the butter knife. THE MF BUTTER KNIFE. Okay? Got it? Alright so let’s keep it going.

When you try to cut concrete with a butter knife, you will fuck up the knife. The teeth will be blunt. The pretty little knife will no longer be fucking pretty. Ya feel me?

Martin Luther King.
Nelson Mandela.
Mahatma Ghandi.

All these amazing great people (that I am grateful for don’t get me wrong) tried to cut concrete with butter knives. Okay? Don’t get mad yet, keep following me.

Let me throw out this scenario: go to a Christian and try to sway them from their religion.

Did It work? Nope I bet it didn’t. & you’re probably lying if you said that it did. They will not budge. Because Jesus is their savior. (I say their because I am not Christian) matter of fact, try to sway anyone from their religion. If they were RAISED that way and were taught and had the word of God instilled in them, they WILL NOT budge. Because “all things through Christ strengthens them” and you know what? I have witnessed the strength of religion. People believe with their minds, bodies and souls. They believe with all their might that what they believe in is the only truth.

Let’s keep it moving.

Now let’s take that Christian and replace them with a racist person (or a white person to keep it real frank in this bitch)

A racist that has been RAISED and has had racism INSTILLED in them will NOT sway or budge. Because “all things through racism strengthens them”. They believe with all their might, that racism is right. It is their belief. It is almost as if it is their religion. They fucking BELIEVE that it is the truth. You feel where I’m going?

Let me break it down for you.

The same amount of time it took to teach racism, is the same amount of time it will take to unteach racism. You know what that means? A racist person around their mid-twenties needs to be conditioned and go through intense therapy to truly understand equality. It would take a lifetime to re-educate these poor souls. In their world, it just doesn’t make sense. Like to Christians: people who aren’t Christian just don’t make sense.

Ignorance (*cough* racism *cough*) is like steel. It’s like gravity. You cannot fight it. It’s like the Black Plague.

There is no solution to racism. Let me tap this mic so yall can hear me now. *taps mic*


The only solution is to obliterate it. Eradicate it. Destroy it. Demolish it. Squish it like a bug. Drive by on it like they did Ricky. Come on now am i preaching or what?

Who tf is going to sit down with every racist person in the world and take their sweet time to nurse them back to mental health? Who will quit their day job and neglect their children to let Bob and Carol sit on their laps for today’s “lesson about common mf sense and basic skills of humanity”? Any volunteers? No? Okay then.

Now let me say this.

MLK and other civil rights activists did not change the world. What they did do was change the way black people and other POC acted. They promoted peace. They promoted education. They promoted love and forgiveness. They even inspired a sprinkle of white people to understand equality. But they did not change the world. They did not obliterate ignorance or racism. They say that Jesus died for everyone’s sins and that His death was supposed to be some miracle that saved us all.

But check this out:

1. People are still dying
2. People are still impoverished
3. There are actual legitimate SLAVES that still exist
4. Inequality is obviously here to stay.

And somehow forgiveness and peace was the mystical magical anecdote that would save us all.

You know what?

I was raised in Wisconsin. THE most segregated state in North America.

In school I was beat the fuck up by white kids and harassed daily. Poor little black girl, Poor me, boo hoo, right?

So you telling me if I would have “reached a kind hand out” to those ignorant ass kids, they would have stopped like “oh sorry. all i wanted was your kindness. i beat you up because you weren’t kind”

Fuck no. I was nice as shit. Black people have been too nice in my opinion. We are always fucking nice. Always pushing over and taking it in the ass. Nah nope.

A lesson on forgiveness: YOU HAVE TO FUCKING EARN IT.

The shit ain’t free. It’s like respect. Forgiveness is way too abused in today’s society. A KKK member will take your forgiveness and wipe his ass with it, and then go kill your brother and rape your daughter. You telling me all the people who have been killed because of their skin could have been saved if all they said was “I forgive you”? Fuck. Out. Of. Here.

Now what do we hear them say?

"Come on black people UNITE"
“Come on black people EDUCATE YOURSELVES”
“Come on black peoples BE PEACFUL. LOVE. FORGIVE.”

That’s all we do. I hate the phrase “kindness kills”. Nothing can kill ignorance. You can be as kind as you want. You can be kind until your face turns purple. But your KIND black ass will still get a NICE black bullet through your FRIENDLY black chest. You keep smiling and nodding at Kaitlyn and Dick until your cheek bones hurt.

Now I am as nice as they come. I am as kind as they come. I believe in treating people right. I know right from wrong. I was raised with dignity and respect. But how the fuck did a whole race forget to raise their fucking children without those things? White people answer me this. Where the hell did you get the idea that one race of people were supreme? I’m talking to you skinheads with the white supremacist tattoos. Yes you buddy. Now tell me please I beg you…..

I don’t think yall listening. Can yall hear me?

Now Back to my “brothas and sistas”,
Youre screaming and kicking and yelling at brick walls. You’re trying to dig into their conscience with plastic sporks. Come on now. Look now. Listen now.

All of this overload of a rant from yours truly is quite overwhelming I can see. I know you’re like she’s crazy. But I’m saying this to make this point very fucking clear:

1.Racism is learned.
2.It is very contagious.
3.Racist people have money and power.
4.Money and power make the world go round.
5. They’re playing chess with us…
6. Since our butter knives cannot cut through their concrete, what the fuck can we do? WHAT THE FUCK..CAN.. WE DO?!

The reason I posted earlier that I didn’t want to be on this earth anymore, was because I realized this fact. There is no solution to racism. All this arguing and heart ache. There is no solution. What do you do to a dog that has rabies??????????

You fucking PUT IT DOWN.

Racist people are sick. They are sick with a disease. They cannot function in the real world with real humans that don’t look like them. They are ill. OKAY?!

The only way to make a racist become unracist is to

A: take approximately 20+ years to unteach it to them while funding their weekly therapy sessions

B: I mean A is really honestly the only “legal” thing.

C: kill em.

How do you stop a virus? Kill or cure all who contain it.

And with that being said, THAT is why I seriously considered suicide a while ago. Because nothing in the world is right. You can’t fix this shit. Unless you commit genocide of every fullgrown racist person. Most teenage racists are only racists because they think it’s right and their parents are dumb as shit.

But I have just been so fed up lately. Being called a black nigger bitch was only part of my day. Don’t worry I won’t kill myself. It’s just a fleeting thought.

Racist are zombies mannn… They’re all just dead as fuck. Infecting everyone and shit. Like ugh…

Anyways, the point is:

1. I’m not killing myself yall, lol. I just don’t want to be here in this ignorant sorry excuse of a civilization
2. I just wanted to drop some knowledge on yall. Don’t forget what I said. There is no cure. Let those words haunt you because it’s as true as the sky is blue.

(excuse my French. I promise I don’t cuss this much. Lmao)

On June 30th, 1973, Alberta Williams King was gunned down while she played the organ for the “Lord’s Prayer” at Ebenezer Baptist Church. As a Christian civil rights activist, she was assassinated…just like her son, Martin Luther King, Jr. But most people remember only one. Until a month ago, I was one of those people.

Can you comprehend how big of a leap this is?
Do you grasp the true meaning behind this picture?
Do you feel the pain, love and hardship of that journey?
It’s no coincidence that #TheBlackOut happened when it did!
#MLK #SELMA #CivilRightsMarch #BlackoutWeekend #BlackOut #BlackOutDay #Obama #50thAnniversary #BloodySunday #March7th1965

On Christmas Day 2014 two films debuted with starkly different messages to the world. One was American Sniper. The other was Selma, a movie based on the 1965 Selma to Montgomery marches for Black Americans’ voting rights led by James Bevel, Hosea Williams, and Martin Luther King, Jr., among many others. To date American Sniper has out-grossed Selma by 119 million dollars. It would seem that Americans are far more interested, as Dr. King himself might put it, in the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism than they are freedom or democracy. Such tells us a lot about what constitutes an American hero.


As painful as it may be for us to admit, neither Chris Kyle nor my brother is a hero. Both were men whom faced decisions in a culture which squarely places more value on death and oppression than life and Justice, and they chose to further the causes of oppression. In such a world where we could see those decisions with clarity, Americans would not rush to see a film that memorializes the murder of hundreds of Iraqis. Instead, they would at long last face the hypocrisy of honoring the unrelenting pursuit of Justice in a man like Martin Luther King Jr. while simultaneously worshiping the brutality of men like Chris Kyle.