It was fucking spring already! #bipolarweather #memphisproblems this really is #BULLSHIT! Trees falling on my frands house, horrible ass screechy brake sounds every 20 minutes outside my window. #fuckyouicestorm! #memphis the only city that didn’t get snow all winter & now #bam #fuckyowarmweather! #prayersup this am, for no big #mlgw outages, for motorists out driving in this shit & also for #memphisdrivers sliding sideways at 30mph while slamming on their brakes in this shit! #icant #iwantthesunback #thesungivesmetheD #howilongforyourDsun #sungrah

I had no idea turning off the power was so frustrating

Long story short, the power needs to be off for some roof work to get done.

Realtor: “Hey, so I’m having a hard time getting them to turn off the power even though there was no problem before.”

Me: “Anything I can do?”

Realtor: “Could you call them and ask? Are the utilities in your name?”

Me: “No, but I can try anyway (seeing as I didn’t want to bother said person because she was busy working hard). Shouldn’t be a problem.”

So, then I get on the phone.

And then I lie, and say I am my girlfriend (which sounds weird now that I think of it).

And then I get asked questions that I don’t know the answer to.

And then I apologize a lot.

And the phone operator is like, “Well, okay then. No problem. Right. Peace.”

Then, it turns out that the realtor could have just asked to have the other side turned off because they are connected andslfkjsd;fjs;ljkf.nczxnm

Why do we do this when someone does…take it to the grave yard ppl…y’all making the neighborhood go down…and besides the #mlgw ppl can’t climb the poles with all this on the poles